Everyone wants to make money online but don’t really know how to. What I can tell you though, is that it is in fact possible to make money online and yes, make plenty of it whilst doing what you love.

 So many great folks have had to comped their thoughts on this subject of ‘make money online’ and you can trust that I have myself taught amply and aptly this subject matter.

 Albeit, I want to discuss this subject with you in a different light, that is, teach you how to make money 
Online  doing what you love.

 The question then is; what do you love to do?

• Talking?

• Teaching?
• Writing?
• Helping people?
• Showing people the way to go?

Really, the list is endless. 

 The question is; what exactly do you love doing?

 I am sure you’ve heard the whole noise that flies around the internet-web and the society in which you belong, about not being able to make it big in life unless you find what your passions are? 

 So it becomes important as well as expedient to follow your passions if you really want to make money online doing what you love. 

 For me, my passions are writing, teaching (what I know) and learning new things every single day of my life. 

 These are my makeups. The things I find myself easily doing and that I do with extreme care and joy. 

 So what, I had to maximize them in building my bank accounts, which in turn helps in the building of my online platforms (businesses). 

 Make sense? So folks, sit back, cross your legs, read carefully, wisely, and practice well the things am about to espouse to you.

4 Easy Ways to Make Money Online Doing What You Love

1. Make Money online Selling Articles

 Have you ever heard of Fiverr?

 Really, you’ve not?!

 Oh, you have but you don’t really know how it works, let alone be able to make money from it.

 Well, Fiverr is an online market place where people provide and sell things to buyers starting from 5 bucks.

 There are numerous services in which people render to make money on fiverr, from writing articles, to voice overs, to recording yourself promoting a website and the list is actually endless. You just have to be creative and be able to imagine things.

 I have seen and I’ve heard of folks who makes it huge on fiverr just writing and selling articles. I am a living example of one who made it big from selling articles on Fiverr and I even wrote a 57 pages handbook on how to make huge sales selling on Fiverr.

 Are you ready to get started with Fiverr?

 Visit Fiverr and signup for free. Design and put up your profile, get a gig up and running fine, promote your gig, start delivering orders and make money online doing what you love.

 That’s it!

2. Become a Brand manager

 Do you know how to design a graphical representation?

 So what’s stopping you from leveraging what you know just so you are able to make money into your bank account, thus living the life that you have always dreamed of?


 Trust me really, there’s nothing stopping you from making it BIG online. The only limitation is you and you alone!

 See, I know of a friend who by himself and through watching a lot of Youtube videos of designing graphics with Coreldraw and Photoshop, learned and started designing graphics for people in the locale in which we live and even combined it with his photographical skill.

 Merging these two skills together, my friend was able to double his earnings and as such grew his business to the point where it became extremely successful.

 What I feel helped him though was becoming a brand manager in simply branding people by photo-shooting them and designing their album covers and the likes via Photoshop and Coreldraw. That’s wisdom I suppose.

 And did I tell you dude is pretty good and creative? Geez! He’s about the best photographer and graphics designer I ever see.

 In a nutshell, turn your graphical skill into business for you by becoming a good brand manager in branding businesses by simply working and designing their fliers, art covers and the likes. And you’d see how wealthy you’d become in a short period of time.

 For me though, I have learned to take my own skills a notch higher by simply branding people by creating beautiful and slick looking websites for them to air their opinions, to share their stories, which will inevitable help them to make money online or offline doing what they love.

 Get the drift?

 You must be sure you have a great hang on how to design a good website and a good graphical representation of your clients’ business (projects).

 3. Teach English (or other language) classes online

 Are you like me, you love teaching people what you know?

 If you answered yes, then you might want to consider become an online teacher.

 Are you a native English speaker?

 You answered yes again?!

 That’s fine. Teaching the language wouldn’t be a bad idea, trust me.

 There a good number of websites that offers services like this where you can come in as a teacher to tutor people who want to learn how to speak a particular language.

 Since you love teaching people what you know, it just make huge sense to make money teaching what you know – language.

 So for instance, when I am not writing or designing websites for clients, I like to teach Literature-in-English to folks who wants to perfect their knowledge about the subject and be able to make a straight ‘A’ in the course.

 The idea here is doing what you love, in your case, teaching the language or any other thing you know so well. I love those wise remarks, “When the student is ready, the teacher will always show up”.

 Become the teacher that kind of teacher to someone, bet it offline or online and you can be sure you’d make good cash passing your knowledge on to someone – your student.

 4. Sell products from your own website

 So you like to write, teach, talk, help people and most importantly, you love to show them the way to go. This might be the best time to share your knowledge of these things with your target audience by simply packing it into a portable document file or maybe into a printed book.

 In the words of a friend, David O. Lawal, “Leaders are writers; they write what you read to become a thought or whatever leader that you are.”

 So whatever knowledge you have about any subject that you claim to love, do well to share’em with your world by providing them as a blog post, pdf or printed books. You’d see how the tables will turn for you as you will begin to make money doing what you love.

 Conclusively, these are the 4 easy ways I have been making money online simply doing the things that I love. I am sure if you will but take your time to learn these techniques and do them well, you will start making a lot of money doing what you love.

 Please if you love this article, do well to share with your friends and also make sure to comment your thoughts here. Thanks!


 Sam Adeyinka is a seasoned blogger, a passionate podcaster, a creative writer and a digital marketing strategist who loves teaching young minds how to start, launch, and grow a successful online business. You can download his 0.99cents handbook on Amazon titled “101 Common Blogging Mistakes: And Smart Fixes.”


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