Most of what we hear about hard work and dedication is that it’s the soul of blogging. Fine that’s very true because they are very importance. However, many pro- bloggers have emphasized on hard work as a key to success in blogging. But I am now telling you that only hard work cannot push you forward as a person who aspires success and achievement in blogging industry. 

You need to sit down first and consult and see if you’ll be able to achieve your goal with the resources at your disposal. You must plan, need to develop the ability to master details, and ability to learn new ideas and strategies. One thing about being a blogger is that you’ll never make much progress in blogosphere if you do not have mastery of details. We all know as a blogger that you need to have some basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript and j Query.

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 Even if not in complex modules, but the fundamental aspect of it. Another thing to consider is; if in the past weeks, you never have the records of how you’ve promoted your blog, the number of post and the feed backs you got on each of your published posts, then it may be part of the reasons you are not getting enough traffic and clicks which is supposed to add to your revenue.

 You need to have a plan. It’s not just enough to say that, “Next month or next time, I’ll achieve more” the big question is, how? You must sit down and crack out the strategy. 

                                       SPECIFICS OF PLANNING

What do you want? 

Step 1: Decide on what you want. The starting point for planning is decision. And the fact that you chose to be a blogger, ….that is the starting point. Then decide exactly what is it you want to achieve in that week or the month. It may be additional 1000 persons to visit your blog, or probably to make extra 500 people to subscribe to your blog. Whatever it is, decide on a definite goal.

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  Set a target

Step 2. Everything has a deadline; like I said earlier, nothing becomes dynamic until it becomes specific. And as long as you are not stable on what you want from blogging, you will not get there. So make up your mind and give it a dead line. 

  Materialize on paper 

Step 3. Make your goal seen on a sheet. Every week or day, you need to have goals written down and the result is visible. Have goals that this week, I want to write 20 posts, and possibly you should have gotten the post title ready; just make sure at your leisure, find materials and get things down. 

Without goals, success is impossible. You need to know that this is applicable to all facet of life, not only blogging/ bloggers thereabout. 

  Planning ahead of Time

Step 4. You need to develop a detailed plan for the achievement of your goals. What I’m saying in essence; fix a time maybe midnight like am doing right now, afternoon or morning time, to plan and write out those title.

 I mean a convenient time at which you can write on the post titles you have with you. Though you may not hit them dead on target always, but sometimes you achieve even more than you have written down, and at other times you achieve a little less. 

But the truth is that once you have a detailed plan ahead of time, there is a force that propels you towards your set goals. 

You need to pay a price

Step 5. Decide the services and product you will give in exchange for what you want. And this is where your hard work comes in. For every target in life, there is a price to pay. Some times in academic targets, it requires time and hard work. 

In some, it might even be money that could be the price you have to pay for doing such a thing. But the fact still remain that, for you to get to the top as a blogger, you need many things like patience, persistency, time, hard work etc. 

 I believe you’ve all learn one or two things from this post? If you have any addition or suggestion, you can get to us via comment box. Also endeavor to share the post with a friend, and talk about us. Thanks.
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