Do you even know that search engines are not consistent in their rating? According to findings, it was reported that search engines are fickle by nature. At times they’ll like your post and the next thing you see, is your post among the first 10 searches from Google and ranked it so high, and the next day they penalized you for probably offence you’re not even sure of. In this case, wouldn’t you possibly prefer to have a good relationship with the search engine so it could always love your blog and the contents you have in there?

 From this issue of search engine optimization, it makes me went researching. Hardly will you see any blogger without taking about SEO, and virtually every blogger want to get to the top of the search results… It’s very fine, but from Google” SEO is a big decision that can potentially improve your site and save time, but you can also risk damage to your site and reputation.

 Make sure to research the potential advantages as well as the damage that an irresponsible SEO can do to your site”. And with these words from Google, I’ve got two thoughts about SEO. Do we now say digging deep into knowing more about it is bad? Or like most blogger is running so as to get to the top of the table of search results. So in knowing SEO and making it to fall in love with your blog, you need to be very careful and there are simple ways which you need to follow. These are:

1.  Posts the Heart of search Engines

What do I mean by posting the heart of search engines? Writing articles about topics that are not common on the web is the soul to getting results from search engine. There are a lot of things you can write about that are really not common. What is you blog niche? Then be creative in you writing. If I tell you that I pick my topics from my thoughts, would you believe?.

  Writing from what I think is a challenge within me, because I know there are people out there who has the same thought. If you are writing about what other millions of people had written about, then there is nothing special about your post again. Look for titles that are hard to find and write on it from your study. That’s how to write the heart of search engines. And endeavor to promote your article, as well as your blog or else you’ll only read your article yourself.

2.    Keyword Search

Do you even know there are some words and terms people are looking for on the internet? And majorly, are you mindful of those words when you write your post? The best thing you can ever do is to have those keywords in your post when writing articles.

I Recommend you read:Top 100 Good Adsense Keyword

Most especially it now depends on your blog’s niche. You should know that if your blog is all about making money, all what people wants to read is strategies of making money online, we know the real way for success etc. This way. Your post will rise on search engines because all you need is an informative and keyword optimized article.

3.  How Effective Do you Use Social Media?

Time without number,i ‘ve written articles and read a lot about social media as a good ground for traffic and also for marketing your blog. There is a time I wrote on how you can get back link from Facebook. What you need to know now is search engines needed you to participate in social media, if not all but few that are very popular which are the likes of Facebook and Twitter.

 From one of my researches, I was able to discover that Facebook is having nothing less than 640 billion users, and just imagine making your blog known by all these people? Also take it has a point to build a very good relationships with other bloggers who are ahead and more experienced than you in blogging industry, it will greatly improve your reach to your audiences and this is when guest posting comes in.

4.   Good Looking Blogs count :

Do you know search engines take note of everything about your blog? If you don’t know they do. Search engine really counts it and probably even use it for related searches ranking. Therefore, you need to be mindful of the way your blog look, no too much of widgets or too much of ads so as not to make it look spammy, like a fellow blogger said. All you need to do is make it user- friendly and search engine friendly also.

 5.   Do you know Search engines Love Honesty? 

Was actually smiling when I wrote this article, thinking how I came about this. You need to be truthful to yourself, the way human beings detest dishonesty, so also search engines don’t like it. When you are true to yourself, audience, definitely search engines will have no other option but to love your blog and the content you have.

Then automatically you find yourself at the top of the searches. Endeavor not to copy contents from other blogs and make sure you give rooms for your readers to comment by leaving questions and making the floor of comment open.

6.  Original Contents, which is the King:

While you make your blog’s outward appearance beautiful, I wouldn’t but also talk about what you put inside of the blog, because it goes a long way for you and even the blog itself. Original contents are what that can give you what you’ve been aspiring for this long, make you post unique and most of all let it be informative. 

There was a time I was going through some of Google’s guidelines, I was able to deduce from it that writing post as a blogger is not all about you, but about your users, readers, people that subscribes. Many blogs today were rejected by Google not because they weren’t having good contents, but because their blog is all about them… not their users.
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