Blogging industry is very hot and boiling with make money tips, more than 54,000 queries often appear on Google whenever you type make money blogging. I believe you want to make money blogging? If yes, then you aren’t alone in the journey.

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 A recent research showed that as at 1st of October, 300 million blogs have been created, and which in no doubt they all were created to make money. Many more bloggers are seeing blogging as a medium to make cool money, which in my own opinion is true…. But if only you are not lazy. Either by some who make token dollars a month, those who uses their own income to maintain their family.

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 We also have some who are able to make a full time living from their blogging- there are ten thousands of bloggers who are making money blogging out there, either new bloggers or pro- bloggers. Are you ready to make money blogging? Then you need to sit tight and let’s ride. Today, I will be discussing some audacious ways to make money blogging, very easily.

1. Your innate Skills: 

I personally choose natural skills as my number way to make money blogging, because I believe in natural abilities. There are lots of platforms in which you can make money blogging with your innate skills. 


There are some bloggers, who are gifted when it comes to designing, writing, speaking, web development and the list is endless. I often tell people that you are better than 10,000 persons in a particular way; all you need to do is to discover yourself. The truth needs to be told that it’s not all blogs that AdSense will approve, likewise

Would you now say because these advertising companies rejected you, you wouldn’t make money with your blog? Big “NO” is the answer. There are ways which you can make money blogging if adsense or rejects you. Do you know I learnt something from blogging that, “your blog don’t make money for you…but the services and product you market/promote on it that makes the money for you” quotes from a blogger friend. Therefore, find your skills within you and make money with it.

Note: “You can be a blogger of any niche, blogging is just an act”

If you are there and you wish to make money blogging with your skills( writing, designing, speaking, website development, SEO, Marketing etc.) you can read this post below to get some opportunity packed websites to do that.

  2. Adsense

Adsense has been the best way to make money blogging for some bloggers. Many bloggers hass done great things with the help of adsense, whereas till tomorrow some blogs will never be accepted to adsense.

You know why? Because they never took their time to understudy adsense guidelines. There are no much to it, adsense pay per click and per impression as we all know, and when we’ve read and you are so sure that your contents are of high quality, then you can apply to the adsense program. Visit for more information.

  3. Selling e-books:

I believe every blogger wants to make money and get traffic, therefore if you can put valuable information wrapped up in form of e-books and you start selling them, then this will definite make added money for you blogging.

 I’ve met and seen several bloggers who engages in the sales of e-books, the likes of viralwriter and justnaira, just to mention few. They took the sale of e-book very important and they are making it. I think viral writer is still very much in the system. Therefore you need to start today, if you want to make money blogging.


I noticed people seem to have forgotten as a way to make money blogging. On a more serious, several reviews have been written by many blogger concerning the efficacy and the capability of

But the fact still remain that some people are making money with it and they are accepting blogs with high traffic from UK and USA, I think that’s just the difference between this advertising company and other companies. So if you want to make use of as a way to monetizing your blog, you can register ,and then target your traffic from USA and UK.

5. Affiliate Programs

Do you know what I often tell people? I said there is no advertising medium that is not good if you are pulling a very huge traffic to your blog. We have several affiliate companies; examples buysellad, amazon, Ebay, even adsense is having, then most hosting sites are into affiliate marketing.

 The fact still remain that no matter how many ads you have on your blog, if you are not commanding tons of traffic on your blog, then it’s as good as not having any ads. Therefore, I’ll advice that you should work more on your blog’s traffic stats.

6. Chikita 

Chitika continue one of the great performers in advertising campaign. Though many people questioned their cpc rate and measure which invariably made some bloggers to stop using the ad. Like I mentioned earlier, everything rises and fall on how much traffic you are driving to your blog. I met a fellow blogger who gave a testimony that he collected his first check with bidvertiser.

 Bidvertizer are also advertising company that pays on click, and they also smallest payout of $20. Back to the story of this blogger, he told me that he collected $782 after 3 months with bidvertizer. I was amazed, so I asked him that how much traffic does he drive to his blog, and he told me over 100,000 page views in a day.

 So imagine if he was using adsense with that kind of traffic. Traffic is very important when it comes to making money blogging.

7. Addynamo: 

Ad dynamo is also one of the best advertising companies to use. It has been invoke for a while, and their tweet ad has been one of the great stuff I’ve seen. Many bloggers with huge followers have benefited from this tweet ads campaign.

Where by you’ll be paid to tweet for prospective companies who wanted their product to go viral. With this ad dynamo method of using tweets, it now depend on how fat is your twitter followers. If you think you have more than a thousand twitter followers and you are willing to make money blogging with ad dynamo, then you can sign up for their company at as a publisher. 

They are actually new in the advertising industry. And for the new bloggers in Nigeria who really wanted to put ad in their blog, probably you’ve been rejected by Google adsense several times. Then is the best place for you to find your fortune. They pay well, because they wanted people to sign on into their company. The interesting thing to know about is that they pay directly into your bank account. For you to signup, go to

  Now Over to you
Do you think you have other means of making money blogging you’ll like to share with our audience? You have an observation or questions; use the comment box below to share your own thought on this post.

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