Honestly things are really really buzzing on in communication industry where all the networks wants to catch the attention of many people. Following the unlimited subscription of Airtel that just surfaced this last week, am happy to tell you again that Airtel has again slashed down their blackberry complete monthly subscription to #1000. Well it’s so obvious that all these Networks are really competing and am praying they should keep doing that to the favor of we people.

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 Actually I was just surfing about this new unlimited plan they just assumed to, actually some people were so fortunate to be able to use it on the PC while others were not so lucky, because have really gotten so many emails concerning how they should do it. 

 Well, back to where I started from concerning the new blackberry complete for monthly subscription as to what I found on their Facebook page:
BB Complete Month – #1000, Dial *440*19# or send “bbcm” to 440
 BB unlimited month – #1500, Dial *440*16# or send “bbum” to 440
 You could also dial *141*1# for more information or check out their Facebook page.
Don’t even dare to miss this golden opportunity, I just did mine now. 

Though I had a challenge after I loaded the #1500, and which has been the problem most people are facing and which is making them to say a lot of things about Airtel. Now I have got the solution for those who loaded the #1500 and has not been browsing with you laptops. Just make sure you follow the steps am gonna highlight below.

 1. Load your #1500 airtel airtime on your blackberry smartphone .

2. Dial *440*16# or send “bbum” to 440

3. Some are so fortunate that it’ll work directly, why some aren’t so. If you fall into the category of the unfortunate people who were not able to browse with package on your PC.

4. All you have to do is to Load another #100 airtime, and this time you don’t have to deactivate anything.

 5. Dial *141*712*11# to subscribe for Airtel 10mb daily plan .

 Then you’ll be given 10mb with the 1.9Gb of #1500, Start browsing with it and your blackberry subscription of #1500 will start working after you exhaust the daily 10mb you subscribed to.

This is real, I wrote this post from my personal experience and that’s what am still using. If you have any comment, get to us via comment box. Thanks

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