In this evolutionary advancement in blogging, those who could not force their way out of the down below are really behind. Many things have change, and not even with the frequent upgrade and changes in this search engine algorithm. Therefore, it will really speak well if we all can have different sources of traffic which are genuine; I’m not talking about pseudo means here.

 And with this way of generating traffic which am about to share with you, in fact your visitors will still keep looking for you even if your website disappeared from the search engine. Funny right? I’m talking about reliable ways here, which most bloggers and internet marketers are not too serious with. However, contrary to what some people belief, I’ll be so happy to inform you that SEO is not the only way to get traffic, though it’s the most recommendable by Google but there are other means that are also channeled through SEO. 

Therefore, I’ll advise you to site tight because I’m about to take you on a ride to the journey of real and reliable traffic making. 

Guest Posting 

Guest posting which some people also called guest blogging has been so lately been a very good source of traffic. When you are blessed with the spirit of writing; like I use to say and you were able to get a good blog with high page rank to write for.

 This issue of getting a high page ranked blog is essential because of some benefits you’ll get, that are more than just traffic. Talking about strong backlink, reputation and also your page rank will also shoot up. Popular site are always getting a steady flow of visitors, even if they stop posting articles.

 Yesterday, I conversed with a fellow blogger that owns a blog with nothing less than 25,000 page views per day. I asked him that it’s been a while that he posted, and he told me that he is shot of ideas to post on his blog, but he now has visitors of like 40,000 page views. 
What I’m I saying in essence is that, he has worked very hard and has posted articles as a guest blogger on several blogs in his niche and now he is reaping the labor even when he decided not to post for a while. Therefore, my advice for you is to start guest posting today if you have not started. 

The use of Technorati

It seems as if Technorati is not too common to some bloggers, or probably let me say people finds the platform very difficult to navigate like I did when I first signed up. Having your blog listed on Technorati is a plus for you. Just ask me why? Because this site works by ranking blogs according to their authority, therefore this will activate the inert potential in you to work very hard. 

They have rules anyway, so you have to stick to their terms and conditions. Nevertheless, such sites like this which are mostly blog directories help you to mix with other blogs, whereby you comment on their blogs and at the end of the day you get a quality backlink and more traffic. 

The use of Social Media

Let me start like this; I believe you will never want to underestimate the power of social media? It’s a question and I believe all bloggers and internet marketers will response with a YES, because they know the importance and the good things they’ve gotten from using social media. 

Don’t think I should start mentioning names here, because the most popular among all Facebook has add a lot to the chart of most people. It’s very certain that you get a lot huge traffic on social networking by being more active on more sites like twitter, LinkedIn etc. and every time you create a new article, you stand the chance of linking those posts to social networking, where by you get traffic by your followers and fans. 

And most times when your articles are worth liking and retweeting, they definitely do that. Retweeting posts is one of the secret of getting traffic on twitter, especially when you have followers that has many followers. It exposes your link to larger audiences which in turn generate a steady traffic on your blog and when visitors saw that you have a quality content, they become a reader by subscribing to your blog. 

The Use of StumbleUpon 

I’m a great fan of stumble upon, because I have generated a lot of traffic form this site. Some few months ago, there was an interactive forum on which I shared how I got a lot of traffic on stumble upon. 

There is not more shortcut to getting traffic from stumble upon  but the only shortcut which many people refuses to follow is that you need to sign up an account, the update your profile account and steady sharing of your post on it. I think I’ll advice you to get sharing widgets that has stumble upon in inclusive, so it can be very easy to share to the site. 

The Use of High Quality Content

Nevertheless, I can’t but talk about the use of high quality content. Looking at the listed means of get tones of traffic, we’ll see that without quality contents, people will just skim and scan your blog and will never come again. 

This is still the best way to get huge traffic, no matter how many times you share on Facebook, or stumble upon, and also you should have it in mind that search engines love contents that provide solutions.

 Therefore, make this a habit… it’s not bad. I believe sharing my experience on how I got tones of traffic from these traffic generating sites, that you are convinced that SEO is not the only source to generating traffic? And also that quality content is still the king. 

I’ll like you to comment and share this post to some other people who you also think will benefit from this article as you have right now. There is a word that says “There is love in sharing”, so I wouldn’t want it to be that you’ll only benefit from this, why others wished to. So please share, like, tweet, and make this post go viral. Thanks

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