Bounce rate has been a major challenge for the newbies in this recent time. When your blog posts are not getting your visitors to come back and check on you again, then something is not right and your blog bounce rate will definite increase. 

Hello YCR, it’s actually been a while and I’m so happy to be back anyway. I’ve been off due to some reasons, and I thank you for trusting us and keeping the tab to stay by us all this while. 

Today we’ll be discussing a very crucial topic which has been a thorn on some blogger’s nerve. How to reduce bounce rate of your blog. I’ve actually been in this kind of situation and I’ll be able to say one or two things because of my experience and my ability to overcome it. 

Bounce rate is one of the biggest enemies of your blog, and which can ruin the reputation of your blog. In fact I’ll tell you that Google hate those blogs that have too much bounce rate because it shows the weakness of the blog. 

Any blogger especially the new ones who want to really prosper and make name with blogging should start working on your blog load rate. Therefore, today I will tell you in 9 wonderful ways that you can use to overcome this issue. You can definitely won this enemy of yours by little effort and thereby building a successful blog and achieving your life’s dream. Now, tighten your belt and let’s get started. 

  What is Bounce Rate? 

I think the first thing that should come to your mind has a blogger who is ready to learn is ask the same question we’ve just ask above. Well, bounce rate can be define as the percentage of visitors that enter into your blog at any source i.e. search engines, referral sites etc. and go back without clicking any link beyond the homepage.

 A very good reason why you need to update your blog frequently. For instance, when you open a blog to check its latest updated posts and eventually you found that there are no new posts for you to read, then you’ll surely go back. This will definitely increase that blog bounce rate. 

How can I Reduce Blog Bounce Rate?

This is a very good question we are about to ask. Most newbie blogger have every of the stages of blogging found themselves making some common mistakes that have increased their blog’s bounce rate. Now let’s take our time to look into those wonderful ways in which we can overcome these mistakes. 

Write Quality Content 

Content they say is the king and it’ll always remain the king. Have you thought of this question within you for once? Why have I not been writing quality contents? People come and revisit blog that provide solution to their challenges, which is why you see people subscribing for latest update. 

You need to create a high quality content, those contents that I’ll cut across the test of time like the one you are reading. It’s an ever green post which will keep reoccurring in search engine. Therefore, if you are providing best written and quality content, then visitors will keep visiting your blog which eventually will reduce your bounce and increase your blog readership. 

Cultivate the habit of Interlinking Your Older Posts

People have not yet figure out the advantages of interlinking your blog posts, and this is where it’s very important (bounce rate). Whenever you write a post, always make it a habit to interlink your old posts by using a proper anchor text. This provides more options to your readers to read your old posts. 

Another thing is that, it will not only help to reduce your bounce rate, it will also increase your blog page views, in that visitors will be able to navigate through to other posts with those internal links.

 Have noticed that Wikipedia is the best example I can give when it comes to post interlinking, and this is a very good SEO practice and one of the basic SEO you need to know. In the above example word “SEO” is linked with our SEO page. This is called as interlinking or internal linking.

Navigation is Important

Always try to use a good navigation system in your blog. This gives a good impression t your readers, as it also makes them to understand your blog better. You need to provide them with a way they can read your blog content very easily, like adding blog archive, categories, making a sitemap page and probably using a breadcrumbs page etc.

Open Links to New tab 

Though I won’t advice that you make use of this point too often because it’s one of the factors that increases bounce rate. But there are possibilities that sometime you need to link to external sites to provide more related information to your reader. Then always open this kind of links to a new tab, in other not to allow your visitor to leave your home page finally. 

You can do this by using target=”_blank” attribute to your hyperlinks like the below example. Anchor Text.

Make Use of Read more

I think it at best interest to cultivate the habit of using post summary in you blog post, as it keeps your readers in suspense to read more. Use more links on your homepage and label pages to drive your readers more inside of your blog, and by so doing you are beating down your blog’s bounce rate. Then you cab as well read how to add automatic read more to your blog post below. 

I Recommend your read: Add automatic read more to your blog posts 

Add Popular Posts Widget 

Adding popular posts widget in blog side bar plays a very important role in reducing your bounce rate and load time. This actually show the trendy posts of your blog and really encourages your visitors to read those posts, as it ranks high in your blog widget. 

Try and Work on Your Load Time

Nobody wants to visit a blog that take too much time to load again. I think you should be very mindful of this point because it plays a major part in how to reduce your bounce rate. When your blog loads more than 10s which is the maximum standard time for a blog to load, then you are in for it. We have blogs that load just for3-5s, those are very good time for a blog to load. 
Therefore, what are the things that cause blog to load very slowly? 

1. Too much widgets 
2. Too much of ads on your homepage
 3. Unnecessary scripts added within your posts. 

 Therefore you can visit Google page test to analyze your blog. 

 Get a Related Posts Widget

 I was a victim of bounce rate sometimes ago, and when I did these listed points, then I never regretted again. You need to give value to your readers because by coming to your blog for information, additional information should be as well provided for them through related posts.

 When a reader finishes reading article and there is no more information, then surely they will go back. To do this, you can as well show your related posts at the end of every post on your blog. Adding related post widget will not only reduce your bounce rate, but also increases your page view and blog traffic, therefore endeavor to add a related post widget today. You can check Linkwithin for a nice one. 

 Conclusively, I believe with the above tips we’ve done justice to increase in blog’s bounce rate? You need to know that reducing your blog bounce rate is a SEO practice. Therefore I’ll enjoin you to update your blog as often as possible, and then write a high quality contents. This will not only decrease your bounce rate, but will also increase your blog traffic. Keep Blogging.


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