Honestly, it was a frustrating time for me when i started my blog in 2011. I was so concerned about my traffic, i.e visitors on my blog per day because i was having just 200 visitors per day. So i made enquiries and i got advised from people, because i wasn’t posting too much articles per day, just like 2-3 and i always have the believe that have tried.

 But when i was put to the light by a friend on traffic issues and i got a good result of having like 12000 page views per day in less than one  month of the application of the method given to me by my friend.

I’ll like you to pay very much attention to today’s post, because it could turn out to give you the turn-around youv’ve been seeking for on the traffic issues you are having. Obiviously, traffic is the only issue that comes with two blessings of both success and revenue, and lookig around today, you will see several tutorials written on traffic tips and strategies, and still cuts short of bringing traffic to some people.

Same is true about today’s post but then how come our post today is exceptional? With my little experience of blogging internet, i have observed some guys like justnaira and gistmode receiving thousands of  visitors within the first few months of their blog release. Neither do they advertise their blog or promote it in any such ways but both have come up with just a single sentence that keeps driving the forward which is “Write More to Get More!”

Of course, it’s just like the issue of been hard working, the more you work, the more you reap. So therefore, the effective way to make success in blogging industry goes a long way with the number of article you post every day. Though I have read it in a place that I was said you can post as many as 5-7 posts per day. But for those who never made blogging a working, never take laziness as a friend.

You might not have the time to post up to that, because having a unique content is more than what most blogger writes about, unless you want to stat coping others stuffs. But make sure you are not lazy about it, because the more you post, the better the result you get.

  Can Good Post Frequently Increase Blog Traffic?

Many a times I wonder how some mega blogs like Tech Crunch and Mashable does their work, in which they post up to like many article in the space of 3-5 hours. I now had a thought within me that most of these blogs are now big companies, where they have people working for them and most of them had already make blogging a calling because of the achievement already made in blogging.

 Nevertheless, you can always walk your way to success by inviting or requesting for guest post , or many of your friends you think he/she knows about blogging, tell the person to share his/her opinions on what she knows and may be by doing that, she can be typing it inside her PC and later give it to you. 

Great number of post fetches reasonable traffic, it’s just as if the more you can go, the more you can get. Though I have always observed my traffic increments whenever I post more article than usual. All you just have to do Is to keep posting unique and high quality post. It works for me, my traffic percentage got transformed when I started posting unique article and frequently.

10 Reasons why you must Post Frequently!

This is how this simple yet most effective strategies works:

  1. Robots visit blogs periodically depending on how often the blog is updated
  2. The faster a blog updates the faster it is crawled and indexed by Search Engines
  3. Since there is big competition amongst search engines themselves so they always look into more updated content and try their best to provide the searchers with the most up to date content
  4. By posting more your blog becomes an encyclopedia for Google where it can find variety of topics
  5. The smaller your number of posts and posting frequency, the smaller you get in the eyes of search engine robots.
  6. Robots are more like school teachers they love you when you provide them with complete homework on time and they penalize you (lower your ranking) when you turn lazy.
  7. When you post more, your readers will remain active and would often visit your blog and read your feeds. Thus you multiply Pageviews and page impressions. As a result revenue through Ads blossom.
  8. The only thing with which you can beat any competitor is by turning your blog into an Encyclopedia of your selected Topic. Remember the weakest point on a competitors side is always laziness so make his dumbness your strength and burst him with tonnes of articles and grab all his readers and traffic. That is surely legal!
  9. When you update more, your readership would increase because readers would often check back to see if you have something new to share. Subscribers mean a lot!
  10. Frequent updates when shared on Twitter and Facebook will surely expand your followers/ fans list.


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