There was a time when link exchange was counted as a normal way of promoting blogs and marketing. Back then it was really fun whether in blogging or as an internet marketer running many affiliated businesses. But these days, requesting for link exchange can be a suicide as so many heads want to be linked and many blogs are waiting for them to get quality links, and also it is not really advisable because of Google’s way of changing and updating rules anyhow they like.

 Guess we know about the adjustment on the algorithm? A very good advice is that either you receive a link exchange request from a pro blogger or be it any blog, just be very careful because link exchange can be very detrimental to your blog’s health.

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  How can Links Exchange Affect your blog and Revenue

I can’t be sure of the reasons, but some corporate organizations and even some blog directories still involves in link exchange to promote their so called internet business, guess majorly affiliated marketers and all this survey stuffs. They don’t have anything to lose because they are promoting their markets, but we still have a lot of new bloggers out there who uses these blog directories to get lots of traffic. 


I was able to know this all because I have been a victim of this referral links stuff. I need to tell you that it is very bad for the health of your blog. But I was trashed by Google from day traffic of 15000 to 3000. I’m begging you all, for those who still engage in this kind of act to stop, because it is going to render your blog very useless at the long run. So therefore it’s better to follow Google’s rule and keep tab on their method for your page rank and traffic.

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  Do you why Link Exchanges are Well Known?

Though I was told that links are links, but I would say that was in the past and not when Google have decided to take charge of their entire Google system routing. Then when links exchanges was very popular, it was actually been used in filling survey for affiliated marketing. 


 So people needs to sign up for some link exchange directories that gives out links to whoever signed and these people spread it across the social medias all because they were given between $2-$10. I could remember I did them back then, but all were scam because they eventually decided to give you your money after all the spamming with their links.

  The Risks Attached to Links Exchange

I think from the little point shared above, and with all what we’ve heard in other blogs. I believe I don’t have to talk much on this again. Since we all know that link exchange can have a negative impact on a good blog we should all desist from the bad habit. 


So also the Google almighty is waiting for whom to wage her wrath upon because they so much dislike the effort of faithful bloggers to be shattered by link exchanges. That was why they brought the effective working ability of panda and penguin into action to deal with all those who will not follow their stipulated rules and regulations.

 Finally, once in your crooked ways exchange links with a low quality or ranked sites, you will definitely be doomed in that you’ll have a low quality entity on the web. And so just imagine yourself working so hard on your blog and those you’ve exchanged links with are not really worth it because they are not producing quality contents on their blog. Then eventually you’ll be on the losing side.

  Natural Links Are incomparable

There is nothing as getting a natural links from the right source. Concentrating more on your blog’s content can really be of great help on getting the right channel to natural links you’ve always crave for.


With useful and quality information on your blog, other good webmasters and bloggers will definitely link to your posts naturally.

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