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Rich Snippets is the term accustomed describe structured data markup that website operators will add to their existing HTML, that successively permit search engines to better perceive what info is contained on every website.

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According to , it defines and even went further to break down rich snippets into 2. “Rich snippet and Normal snippet”.

A snippet is a result Google shows to the user within the search results. an example: i was sorting out a decent formula for homemade ice cream and googled it. Google showed me a results list with normal snippets and rich snippets. a normal snippet sometimes appears like this:

Normal snippet

Google shows the title in blue, the url in green and a description of what the page is about. this is often what we call the snippet, the issue Yoast SEO helps you to optimize with our snippet preview.

A rich snippet shows additional info between the URL and also the description. a rich snippet appears like this:

Rich Snippet

In this snippet, an image of the ice cream is added , you’ll be able to see the rating of the recipe, the time it takes to prepare this kind of ice cream and also the number of calories it contains. a rich snippet contains rather more info than the normal snippet will. That’s why we call it a rich snippet.

Who can Use rich Snippets?

Anyone will add rich snippets to their website. But, your rich snippets can sometimes only show if you hold one of those in demand 1st 5 spots more or less on Google.

Not all markup gets used but – rich snippets will only show if you’re providing relevant and useful info in response thereto query. Google monitors rich snippets and needs that you just follow certain Google tips.

For example, the below image shows a number of the rules that Google has for displaying business reviews.

Kind of Information That Can Be Displayed As Rich Snippets?

Rich snippets battle many forms to visually align with the knowledge. each type (template) can embody certain relevant information.

Some common examples are:

  • Restaurant — Displays average reviews and price range
  • Music Album — Lyrics and a link to play one or more songs
  • People — Phone number and photo
  • Local business — Location and customer review
  • Author — Author photo, name and link to other articles/works
  • Recipe — Photo, recipe, rating and time to complete the dish
  • Video — Video image with play button and time
  • Products — Ratings, picture and price range
  • Events — Event, date, location, time (future events only)

You can see the full documentation at

Do rich snippets help SEO?

Rich snippets stand out from the other snippets. they appear much nicer and you’ll instantly understand more, simply by looking at them. You’ll know whether or not others liked the homemade ice cream and how long it’ll take you to create it. rich snippets are snippets that have a higher click-through rate. individuals prefer to click on rich snippets.

If the click-through rate of a snippet increases, you’ll get a lot of traffic from that search result. Not as a result of your position in the search engine changed, however simply because more people click on your result. in the long run, rich snippets can have an effect on your ranking also. As a lot of individuals click on your result, Google can notice that people like your page higher than other ones. That’ll undoubtedly improve your rankings in the long run!

How to Create A Rich Snippets

Structured data markup doesn’t have to be compelled to be added to every single content property, although having additional content marked up will facilitate search engines present results better. It should even be noted that you should only mark up visible content – hidden page components and content in hidden div’s don’t have to be compelled to be marked up.

You can apply schema tags to your website in a very few totally different ways:

You can add the markups yourself by adding content tags to the existing HTML code.

You can use the Google Structured Data Markup Tool that allows you to pull a section of code off your website. You then mark it up by selecting what each element is in a drop down. The tool then generates a new “marked up” code.

You can use a plugin that will allow you to fill in blanks and then generate the code for you.

How long will it take for rich snippet markup to appear in the search engines?

Even if your website is holding top positions on SERP, it’s going to take a bit while for your rich snippets to appear.

In this video Google says, it’s going to take “a month or so” but there aren’t any guarantees, and Google says they’re working to display them faster.

Remember that ultimately Google decides which rich snippets to show. certain that you just test your snippets to make sure they’re working correctly!

In Conclusion , adding schema markup to your website you’ll be able to help search engines perceive your website better and acquire a lot of traffic!


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