In the advent of social media age when different social vices were created. The last of this kind was the bombshell Live profile. Which I actually talked about some months ago. 
Viber application came on a Plata of gold, and was initially running on android phones before other devices snap up its usage. The application allows you to call, text; send both photos and video messages across the globe free of charge. It was researched that viber has nothing less than 200 million users as at now, for 3G and Wi-Fi…. 

Note: it also works on devices using Edge network, but won’t be as effective as it is on devices with 3G and above. 

Viber is available for almost all smartphones now; iPhones/ipads, blackberry, Symbian phones, windows, android and on the PC. Looking at how it runs, your mobile number is actually your ID on viber. 

Like whats-app  the application automatically synchronizes with your phone book list and detects viber users on your phone book list. It is a very interesting application anyway; I think you guys would surely love it. Now let’s get to know the features of this wonderful application.

Features of Viber 

1. It has HD sound quality and free calls, both inter & local.

 2. It sends sexy and cool stickers, and cozy emotions that add fun to chat. 

3. Ability to share photos and video (Os integration). 

4. It designed to suit any of the mobile device downloaded in. 

5. Ability to share locations. 


The question is how do I use this viber of a thing? Viber is a type of application that when installed on a smartphones, it can be used to talk, i.e. it doesn’t require any form of registration nor password.

 All it requires is your phone number as an identity and get to make free calls to any of your friends that have Viber running on their smartphones. Immediately you download viber, you’ll receive a code via SMS to activate your account on Viber. My advice for you is to be the real owner of the cell phone number, to prevent your code been send to another person. 

How you can get Viber Application 

Getting this particular application is very easy to get. You can download viber to any of your smart devices that has 3G and Edge, log on . Click on the device of your choice then click on Get viber. 

 How to download Viber directly for each device 

You can also get Viber for PC Here

 For Blackberry here

 For Nokia Phones here 

 For Android Phones Here

 For Windows Phone here

 For iOS here 

Note: Viber rocks very well on android phones, and the calling was wonderful. But I noticed that it’s a bit hard to call with viber on blackberry, because one couldn’t use BIS except the data plan. 

Though I actually got it from a reliable source that if I use Wi-Fi, then I can make calls with viber on blackberry. You can try it, then try and share your experience with viber through comment box. Enjoy!

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