It’s finally here, the long awaited time for bloggers to know how well they have followed the stipulated rules by matt cutts. Few months ago, I wrote an article on when is the next google page rank update. Which actually got people shifted from their slumber.

 Moreover, we’ve been expecting the update way far back but Matt decided to show his superiority and brought out the update on the 6th of December, 2013. The time when nobody was excepting the page rank update. The last update actually took place on the 4th of Feb, 2013 and Google kept mute on why they’ve not updated till today.

According to a tweet I got on frank’s blog,

@NielsBoschh asked Matt Cutts, Google’s head of search spam, if there would be a pageRank update before 2014 and Math Cutts said”I would be surprised if that happened”

I believed from this conversation between NeilBoschh and Matt, Matt actually shocked everybody because no one expects any PR update again this year. Well when I heard the news on Facebook, I rushed to make some enquires, checked for my own page rank. Though I wasn’t expecting much because the domain name is still very new.

 Advice to blogspot bloggers: 

I will advise any aspiring blogger who wants to build a successful blog should get a domain name even before he /she starts operating the blog. You know why? If you blog with a subdomain ( for 1 year, and unfortunately you couldn’t get the same domain for the existing one, then in Google’s sense, you are just starting blogging afresh.

 Back to our discussion, I believe the joy of it is that when each and every one of you check your new page rank, that you should have been move forward. But the truth is that, either of these two things has to happen. Either you get lifted, or demoted. I actually sneaked on to check some of my friend’s blog and I notices that many blogs were a step backward, some were stagnant while some were upgrade.

 For all of us blogger, we shouldn’t be dismay with this update because it’s not the true measure of your ability and stuffs you carry. But you have to wait for the next update which will take place next year, 2014.

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How to get your PR increase

 1. Build a quality backlinks( Most especially from .Edu and .Gov websites)
2. Create a quality contents
3. Answering questions on Yahoo answers.

 I believe we have more than just three, but I just gave the basis for those who knew nothing about improving page rank. In case, for those new bloggers who doesn’t know what page rank is.

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What is Page Rank?

According to Matt cuts, page rank is an algorithm used by Google web search engines to rank websites in each individual search results. Page rank was actually named after Larry Page, one of the co-founder of Google. Page rank is also a way of measuring the importance of your blog pages. Therefore, you can see how those pages on your blogs are very important?

If you want to check your blog’s Page rank, you may try to use the PR checkers Listed below:


 Now you’ve heard and see the latest update of page rank for Dec, 2013. I believe you have one or two things to say because you might have checked yours. So what is your say concerning this page rank of a thing? Use the comment box and let’s rub minds together.

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  1. Hi Asaolu,

    Yes, every body who saw Matt tweet trusted that there will be no page rank update this year but here it's. Thanks for sharing about this update.

  2. Well Emmanuel, its all depend on how individual see it. just that most people have been eagerly waiting for it that's why. Have a wonderful weekend.

  3. Yes, and when i saw the tweet, i thought that the pr toolbar is dead.,… but here is another pr update. the truth is that every blogger loves Pagerank… it gives a blog some authority..

  4. Ya dude….back-links are very important for page-ranks…according to Google search engine algorithm Google perform its page rank update in each 3 month starting with February 3..once i had a blog which was pr0 at Feb 3 it got pr1 and may 3 it got pr2 and august 3 it got pr3 and now this month Google performed its page rank update at November 9 and i reached pr4…that’s i knew how Google page rank update works.

  5. Every web site within the world these days needs to extend their page rank but area unit lacking some or the opposite method in increasing it.


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