Was in a deep discussion with my brother, when my mind bumped on an idea and Immediately I picked up my system and started writing this post. 


 He (My brother) told me something that is very applicable to virtually everything you find yourself doing in this world, not only as a blogger, so also as an individual, engineer, be it an entrepreneur, or a web developer, and also internet merchant…. so many like that. And what was all this talking and conversation about? It’s simply on how to become a better person.

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       Hmm! immediate I capped it and my brain booted that I can make something out of this topic. And this is exactly while am here to talk to you on how to become a better blogger.


 Guess you are reiterating the words? That was also exactly how I did. “How to become a better blogger” Some would say am I not already a better blogger? After all, am making $10000 in a month, why others would say don’t mind this man, because am already a better and even a pro blogger because my today’s page view was 25,000.

         Do you think all these stated illustrations make a person a better blogger? No, is the answer. Making millions of dollars, or have thousands of people visiting your site daily never makes you a better blogger. 

 After several thinking and findings, I came to a shocking conclusion of how to become a better blogger, which many might find very lovely, why others might flair up the gong, but any which one you fell to; take and make very good use of what you gained. 

 Below are the several views gathered on how you can become a better blogger.

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Do you even know some people actually started blogging because they heard that people are really making money from blogging? Do you think blogging is majorly for making money?

 Today I was discussing with a fellow blogger and an issue came up there when he told me that, “I know blogging is all about someone’s daily encounter” Is that true? In fact, to me that was a very good explanation of what a blogger is.

    Are u really expert in the niche of the blogging you took? Or probably most times you call a friend who is a web developer to help you with java script on your blog, because you can’t handle java script. 

Most times, am dazzled with the hand work of some bloggers, the likes of Mybloggertricks, justnaira, this guys are a typical example of been perfect and expert in someone’s field of specialization. Likewise so many others who we couldn’t mention in this post. So been an expert in what you do really make you a better blogger than thousands out there.


     Wow! In fact this was actually one of the things that almost drove me out of blogging some few years back. All because I had a friend who was very good at spicing up a blog and me, I only knew some fundamentals, and instead of me to build on the fundamentals I’ve already got, then I begin to compare myself with him to the extent that I almost fade away.

    Comparing yourself to other bloggers is very bad. Imagine you as a newbie, and you are comparing yourself with someone that has been in blogging for 5 years…guess you wanna crash.

 One Secret you don’t know is that you will always be doing better than the other guys, why the other guy will always be doing better than you.

 A man said “Comparing yourself or your success to other people is not only pointless; it’s a sure-fire way to feel like shit”. Face what you are doing, how is it going? Are you progressing? That should be you uppermost target, not others.


    Yea! Big question that many blogger wouldn’t like to like to answer, and majorly which even allows and gave the starter the gut to start bidding for money when he has not yet gotten recognition.

 Anyway, some blogger were so fortunate as at the time when monetization wasn’t so hard like this, so many things that got my attention nowadays is when you just get emails from a new blogger and tell you that please Mr Yourblogcoach “ can I apply for Ad Sense tomorrow?” Because I opened my blog yesterday, the next thing am always doing is to burst into laughter, blogging has a race, struggle which everyone needs to engage and probably it now depends on you.

   Some always get light struggle while others get it a large. But anyway, struggling or “hard times “is a normal part of self-development or doing anything worthwhile in life. 

 But most guys don’t want to struggle at all. But remember one thing that “You are not a failure just because you don’t succeed at every new thing you try. The only true failure is to quit trying.”

 I’ll like you to comment and share this post to some other people who you also think will benefit from this article as you have right now. There is a word that says “There is love in sharing”, so I wouldn’t want it to be that you’ll only benefit from this, why others wished to. So please share, like, tweet, and make this post go viral. Thanks
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