How to blog

Cash flow got ya down?

I know how it feels to blog when money seems to be tight.

Even these days I spend more money but don’t have a huge budget for building my blog.

How to blog

How can you build a rocking blog on a shoestring budget?

The first step involves accepting this core truth: if you spend little money you need to spend great time and energy building a successful blog.

Therefore, this brings the question of “How to blog

1: Give Freely to Receive

Most budget bloggers are cheapies in terms of offering their time to blogging.

Said bloggers have no interest in spending much money on their blogs, which is understandable. But the cheap crowd often makes the fatal mistake of wanting to spend little time learning, practicing and flat out *being* blogging.

If you spend little money to build your blog you will spend a great deal of time and energy over the next 2-4 years of your life learning how to blog, practicing your writing, connecting with pros and creating helpful content.

The split second you blog on a shoestring you need to give as much time and energy as established, pro bloggers, to build your blog on a solid foundation.

Example; if you do not have the budget to hire a team of content creators you need to practice writing in order to create helpful, thorough content frequently. Setting aside 30 minutes daily for writing 1000 words in a Word document takes up a chunk of your time but is necessary if you need to write your own blog posts.

2: Spend on a Domain and Hosting

Blogging on a shoestring means not blogging for free.


Spend money on 1 thing; a domain and hosting. Non-negotiable deal here.

Spend at least $5 to $10 USD monthly – or more – because if you buy cheap hosting you cannot succeed online.

Spend all of your budget on your hosting if necessary. Own your online real estate. Brand yourself effectively. Gain reader trust. Set up your blog for proper monetizing.


3: Learn the Art of Leveraging

I only reach 60,000 folks through Blogging From Paradise.

Publishing this guest post on this rocking blog leverages my presence a bit beyond the 60K folks in my BFP tribe. But I do not stop there. I guest post on many blogs within my niche.

Leveraging is the great secret of bloggers who expand their presence without breaking the bank. Unless you’ve deep pockets to pay for big time Facebook marketing campaigns you’ll need to master the art of leveraging your presence with free methods like guest posting and genuine, valuable blog commenting.


4: Invest in Low Priced Products

I wrote an eBook for a few bucks:

How to Build a Blog on a Shoestring Budget

I packed a handful of helpful tips for budget conscious bloggers into the eBook.

Buy it if you dig this post.

Purchasing low-priced but valuable eBooks gives you helpful resources for building a successful blog on the cheap.

Top bloggers offer a mix of free, low-priced and premium, high end content to help bloggers with different budgets. Some people can only spend a few bucks on research. Drop the dough and give yourself a resource to use for accelerating your blogging success.

Note; even though you want to build a blog on the cheap I strongly advise against trying to learn blogging through free blog posts alone. Imagine trying to get your college degree with free content, mixed and matched in hodgepodge, chaotic fashion? Almost impossible.

Ditto for any blogger hell bent on learning blogging without buying a premium resource or two.

Save money and time by spending a few bucks on resources that cut your learning curve and accelerate your blogging success.




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