Putting up a blog is a thing that can be done in less than 10 minutes, but building and creating a successful blog is what people find very difficult to do. Building a successful blog takes two to tangle. What I mean is that you can never single-handily build a successful blog. Guess you want to ask me how and why? This implies that blogging itself requires engaging others, building relationships. 

When we talk about a successful blog, it’s not literally means making money. Though money making has been the sole reason why so many people venture into blogging, but I think money is a last resort after you might have put some things in other. When you do these things, then money comes in. Today I will be discussing about things you need to know before you can build a successful blog. 


There is a phrase that says “He, who fails to plan, is planning to fail. Looking at this phrase I believe you know that in whatever thing, either business, building of house, think of anything as well as building a successful blog, planning comes first. I think someone should ask a question that why should I plan? Planning is very essential in every facet of life, in that it makes you to know the right steps to take. 

Planning in blogging makes you have a good survey of the market you are trying to enter, either profitable or not. Looking from how blogs are been made every day, it’s not or just to create any blog without surveying a good niche on which you can build your blog, but to know the right niche which will be generally accepted by your targeted audience. Therefore, for you to build a successful blog, planning ahead should be the first in which it prepares you ahead of any challenge.

  2.Choosing a Domain 
If you won’t get me wrong, many people have made mistakes right from the start of choosing a domain name for their blog. Aside Good contents which is now the king, having a user friendly name also go a long way in building a successful blog. 

Recommendation has been given on those who decide to use a domain name that has hyphens like, This kind of domain names are always taking longer times to stick to people’s memory and so also SEO wise, it’s not advisable. 

3.Build reputation

I believe this is a very important aspect of building a successful blog. A lot of people rushed their way into getting traffic first, and at the end of the day it wasn’t pleasant. I am a typical example of this. Building reputation is the first priority to building a successful blog.

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 Make your blog known through social Medias, share your good content on forums, get a good twitter account and tweets good contents. These are places where you can start to build a successful blog.

  4.Good relationships

I see this point as a very good medium for new bloggers to learn. There are lots of pro bloggers out there, who are willing to help and I’m very sure they have stuffs to share.


Good relationships starts from you visiting their blogs are commenting and probably following them and Ask questions .

  5.Get a Facebook Fan Page

Don’t ever underestimate the power of social Medias. Few months ago, I made a research and I found out that 640 million people uses Facebook. Huh! Yea, exactly how I felt when I got the information. Just imagining you doing a business with such a huge figure or exposing your market reach to just half of this population? Social media lately has been a very good platform to showcase your talents.

 Also to build a very good link, get more traffic that you imagine and get good customers for your products. It’s good to know when you have a reasonable number of people following you on social media, either on Facebook or twitter. This really shows that your good work is really moving forward. If on the other hand everything is OK then you can use social media to gain more exposure and natural links. 

6.Keyword research 

This is a very crucial aspect of blogging you need to know, if you want to build a successful blog. I believe you know what SEO is all about? Search engine optimization. For you to have a great competing article, it needs to be optimized for search engine, and this is where keyword research comes in. Keywords are particular words or phrases that people search for on Google.

 For instance now, “blogging” people search for this word almost every minute, because everybody wants to know about blogging. So you need to be eye-opened when choosing your blog posts, especially this time that competition has risen so high. So any blog post you wish to write, you need to research well with the use of Google keyword tool and see the availability of a good keyword to make up your post.

 Making use of a long tail keyword is the best for the newbies, in other to avoid the competition in the Google search queries. For you to choose a very nice long tail keyword to use. 

Let’s take an example: If what you want to write on is make money, which is also your keyword, then to have a good long tail keyword, you can use “how to make money online” or “how to make money with your blog”.

  7.Quality Content

It was back then when quality contents were not that cogent. It’s not that are not important, but traffic was kind of rated. But today when the all-mighty Google has shifted their music band, then we need to follow suit. Content is really rated so high this day, because they believe provision of solution should be the priority.

 During the course of my research, I found a piece by Google which stated that as an internet marketer; what you need to consider first are your readers/visitor. However, writing compelling contents is the fast way to build a successful blog, because nobody wants a blog that cannot provide solution, which is what everybody wants.

  8.Be SEO Mindful 

Search engine optimization is one of the key factors of building a successful blog. It’s a way of bringing traffic to your sites by improving your search engine ranking. I think you need to take a very good time to build your successful blog around here. 

SEO content

I never said other points are null, but only trying to make you realize that SEO is a very important aspect of building successful blog. And optimization spreads in a variety of ways and you need to know some basic principles of SEO 

1. We have optimization of your blog for effective ranking. 
2. Optimization of your blog for mobile view.
 3. Optimization of your images

9.Social Media Marketing 

Taking the pain to share and market your blog on social media. You can’t just underestimate the power of social media in building a successful blog.


Lately, it was estimated that social media has taking the shot of internet and even it surpasses any other searches on the web. Therefore promoting your blog on the social media is really one of the best ways to build a successful blog.

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10.Blog Commenting

Blog commenting has recently contributed to the building of a successful blog. I’m a practical example of this last point. I tested this commenting for just a month, and I saw a tremendous increase in my blog traffic and reputation.

 I believe you’ll agree with me that for you to build a successful blog, none of these above point should be left behind. However, additional points and observation is highly welcome.
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