Hello ABC readers, how are you doing? I brought a very interesting blog post for your today, though it was requested by a reader but I found out that with the updated information I’ve gotten on this particular topic, it will certainly benefit every blogger.


 For a while now, I guess bloggers have become mute on SEO and most especially for blogger blogs. Everybody now talks about wordpress. From the research I did earlier this week, I still found out that the percentages at which people open new blogs on blogger platform is more than wordpress. So what are we now saying?

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Today a brought a topic that all bloggers think they know well about, but with the update I added, you need to read this. Blogger permalink is a very good means of ranking your keyword high, yes or yes? If you set your targeted keywords well, you’ll surely drive a massive traffic. Though, before we move ahead and learn how to use it for better SEO of your Blogger blog, let’s learn more about Permalink:

What are custom Permalink?

Talking from BlogSpot blog’s perceptive, this is a situation whereby you set your targeted keywords in a Google link subway. See one example below.

 Here is an example of normal Permalink vs Custom permalink:

 • http://www.allbloggingcoach.com/7-ways-to-customize-your-blogger-permalink-effectively.html

 • http://www.allbloggingcoach.com/blogger-custom-permalink.html

 In the second example, I’ll like to talk more on Keyword Blogger Custom permalink, and that’s why I removed all other Keywords. Simple but very effective right?


 Before blogger got advanced, we had no means to configure/customize the Blogger permalink ,but in recent SEO addition, Blogger team make way for the availability of configuring permalink in BlogSpot blog. Unlike WordPress, where the permalink can be controlled on the site wide i.e. for all other posts.

 How to set Blogger Permalink for better SEO 

When the need arises for you to set the blogger permalink for individual blog post, all you need to do is to do away with URL that breaks in Google search, and use keywords in your permalink. You can target short-tail or long-tail Keywords, depending upon which Keyword you are targeting.

 Now, when you write a Blog post in Blogger blog, just try and locate Permalink option, click on it, select custom URL and add your permalink there. I know for newbie, it may sounds like Arabic speech to add your own permalink, but I’ll expanciate more on it.

 When you write a new blog post on your blog,and for example your title is How to customize your blogger blog permalink, by default BlogSpot will make a permalink like


 Instead of you to use such long Permalink, you will simply add Blogger-custom-permalink or custom-permalink in custom URL. Remember, your Keywords are separated by ‘-‘(Dash).

 If you need more information on the same, check out this video by Matt Cutts:

 Note: Another thing, which you should keep in mind,don’t change your permalink after publishing an article (on any platform), unless you can set a 301 redirection or you’ll keep having error 301.

Over to You

 If you still have any question in your mind regarding how to set custom permalink In blogger blogs, do let me know via comments and I will love to answer it.

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