Yea! Am here again, yourblogcoach and how has your day been? Every time I pick up my PC to write about new stuffs; am always excited because I know am always giving solutions. Today, I’ll be discussing on how to effectively manage your blackberry smartphones and use it for 3 days without charging it. Hmm, sounds absurd right?

 People has lately keep talking about the durability of blackberry battery, but all to no avail. In fact even the new blackberry smartphone’s battery don’t really last more than a day and some hours before it dies, but today I ‘have got some strategies and principles you need to follow in other to get your battery sparkling. It has been tested and confirmed. Below are the ways in which you can effectively manage your blackberry and use the battery for 3 days.

1. Close all application such as Google map, Google+, Facebook or any other application which may reload itself automatically before you keep the phones

Actually, most people are not aware that there are some applications on our blackberry smartphones that reload themselves at intervals when are been left on without closing them. To close these applications, go to MENU and close all application by clicking exit button or close if in case your own phone do not have EXIT. And with this, you have conquered the first stage.

 2. Set your blackberry phone in automatic turn on or off
 There is a way that you’ll set your phone that all the data you received while your phone was off will be retrieved when the phone is on. Now to set up the automatic turn on and off, Go to your home screen or your option file, Look for device and select it, then Follow by auto on and off. Another thing is that you can always specify manually the time you want it to be on.

 3. Customize Your Back-light  In this sense, you need to customize a time for how long your back light stays on. And the normal recommend backlight brightness should be around 50 or lesser, as you want. To do or customize the settings, Go t home screen, select option icon, select the delay follow by screen display; And then can customize by changing the backlight brightness and timeout.

 4. When you are not in a network coverage area, switch off your blackberry phone. When there is no signal, turn off your phone’s radio.

 5. Always turn off the WiFi when not in use.

6. Ensure that your blackberry Bluetooth is always off plug-in: Do you know that leaving your blackberry smartphone while plug-in in power supply will help to conserve the battery. Note: This is not not a waste of energy or probably you think the battery will spoil as many might think.

7. Ensure your Facebook feed updates are switched off.

8. Ensure twitter, if in use is set to no auto feed update. Change your ringer and notifications. It consumes your battery energy. It is better you holster it.

9. Another key point which is common to most ladies is, to minimize the time you use your blackberry to watch video and play mp 3 music while watching video because it weakens the battery life span.
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