Good day friends, how have you been? There is not much to talk about, but there is plenty you have to gain. There is a sweetness in you when you teach and write posts from your experience; I believe you get what i’m trying to pass across. Lately blogger platform changed their HTML Editor and most blogger have been finding it very difficult to use, which I was also a victim anyway.

 To use this new blogger HTML Editor is as simple as just mention it, because it has been so made easy for you and I to manage. The Blogger template editor now includes a number of changes that seem interesting and make it much more friendly than it was before. Like I said earlier, the template at first looks very complex to some people but if you take the time-out and check it, it entirely not what you think. So to begin with now, what you see immediately you entire the template are all code starting with numbered and colored lines.

 Actually this almost scared me off when I first opened mine by the time it was changed, the template now show us different code snippets: tags, variables, properties, etc. depending on the HTML, CSS, JavaScript and even the language of Blogger – include, b:if and other occurrences.

Actually thanks to blogger that makes job easier, because this is what exactly a very good external editor does, but as from now, it’ll makes it much easier to find that little bug that drives us crazy when we omit quotation marks or add one more semicolon. This mostly is applicable to CSS, which appears in dark blue color without distinguishing selectors and rules.

 Do you know what really amazed me the most is the introduction of the number section which appears in front of each fragment of code, and the main function is to be able to pinpoint and correct errors of this type: “Error parsing XML, line 103, column 9: The element … “. Now let’s move to how to use the new blogger template editor, because I believe that’s the exact part people want see you write about.

How to use the new Blogger Template HTML Editor

 I need to tell you that the using aspect of the HTML Editor is the most part where most bloggers finds very difficult to tackle, but it’s not hard at all… That is when knowledge been the power comes in. From the researched gathered, the hard aspect of the HTML Editor is how to search out the tags <> like in the old template that it’s just press CTRL + F on your keyboard, then enter what you want to find in the search box that appears inside the editor.

 But in the case of the new template, it’s the same procedure but wherein like the old that you press CRTL + F anywhere, this time you have to click within the HTML Editor before you press CRTL + F, or else your search box wouldn’t give you what you want.

And after you have gotten your answer from search box, then you are free to press ENTER button on your keyboard and it should take you to the requested code.


This is one of the new innovations that have been introduced to the Blogger template. Actually it is called “Jump to Widget” . This a actually helps to navigate within the blogger widgets unlike the old template that you will have to search, so this new HTML Editor is quite simple to handle.


The CSS rules can be found folded at the top of the template, between and tags. To expand them, you have to click on the sideways arrow next to the line number.


And so great now, we can preview template in the same widow without you leaving the page and moreso, the ability to go back and customize your template by clicking on the edit Template Another great functionality is that now we can Preview Template in the same window without needing to leave the page and we can easily go back to customize our template by clicking on the Edit Template button. 

 Finally, Format template re-orders the code, adding indentation automatically. As always, we must use the Save button for the changes to take effect or we can Revert the changes. And that’s it. With a bit of effort, we can easily familiarize with this new HTML editor. 

Surely as usual and even reasonable to be something inherent in the human condition, this change does not appeal to many. Same with the Lightbox for images, the new template designer, the new desktop and other new things that have been added in the past. But who now remembers that they once were new?
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