Dealing with 404 error page which is mostly known by (Page not found) is very common in blogging, and quiet some numbers of blogs have written articles about it but not with a practical experience of how to fix it. I decided to make this piece on it because a reader requested for it, and am very sure that there are still some newbies who needs the updated version of the article like the one you are reading.

According to research (Wikipedia), The Error 404 page or page not found was discovered as a HTTP standard response code indicating that you’ve not been able to communicate with the server or the serve wasn’t able to find your request. A non-existing page on a blog will definitely result to 404 error page and also a broken link, which eventually give a first timer a bad impression about you blog. Therefore, it is very important to learn about linking your posts very good and also the kinds of link you allowed on you blog.

However, the best solution to this kind of problem is to redirect your blog 404 error page to your blog homepage, or any other pages of your choice. This can actually be dealt with by the addition of a simple JavaScript code to your blog. Below are the procedures given on how to fix your 404 error page by redirecting it to your homepage or any other page of your choice.

 1. Log into your dashboard.

2. Go to settings, then to search preferences


3. Custom page not found (under Errors and redirections)



 4. Click on the edit, and then paste the code below into the box and then save changes 


Sorry, the page you were looking for in this blog does not exist. You will be redirected to homepage shortly.
<script type = “text/javascript”>
//Blogger 404 Redirect v1.0 by Olubayode(
JN_redirect = setTimeout(function() {
location.pathname= “/
}, 5000);


I. You can change the message at the top (i.e. Sorry, the page you were looking for in this blog does not exist. You will be redirected to homepage shortly) to your desire statement. 

II. The delay in milliseconds is the 5000 in the code. Therefore, you can change the 5000 to any value of your choice. (Note: when you change the value to zero, it simply means your 404 error page will be redirect to your homepage or your desired page without delay. 

III. If you wish to redirect you blog 404 error page to another page instead of the home page, then replace the pathname to and “/” to the page.

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