Hello yourblogcoach readers, I’m here today to give you a bit of browsing stuff. Though some of our readers early this week asked me that while have I not been posting about browsing for a while. Am so sorry I was so encapsulated with blogging tips, but I have a special one for you… Hmm! don’t stretch your neck yet, because it’s coming right to your table. Today I will be discussing how you can get 355Mb on your Airtel sim for just N200. Don’t ask me why I have been posting only about Airtel.

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 Some few weeks back, I wrote a post on while Airtel unlimited plan is better than all other plans. Though today’s case is a bit different, but still on unlimited. I think some people just have to get low because they are not that bucks up, but they also need to browse and see what sup on the web. 

Don’t say it’s too small, because I have seen a time when I was too rich and was subscribing daily to publish my post; so I know what I’m saying. Therefore let’s move to the steps on how to get the 355Mb. 
Note: This tweak is perfectly working on the PC, Android phones, iphones and all other devices that browse. Just follow the steps below to get the 355Mb on your Airtel Sim. 

1. You must be on Airtel club 10 plan
 2. Therefore for you to migrate Airtel club 10, dial *166#[ or better still, you can skip this step if you’re already on Airtel club 10]
 3. You need to recharge #250 on your Airtel sim card 
4. Wait until you are given the 15Mb for 1 week; you can check if you were given by dialing *141*&12*0# or *123*10#. 
5. If you are not given the 15Mb after recharging the #250, call any network for few seconds and check your Mb again. Now you should be given, and make sure the 15Mb is active. 
6. Now send BBUD2 to 440, then you get 160Mb immediately 
7. Then send deactivate to 440 and wait till you receive a message that you have been deactivated
 8. You now resend BBUD2 to 440 again and you get another 160Mb.
 9. Finally, you will send stopautorenewal to 440 to avoid unnecessary deduction of your money.

 In this case, you are done for the steps. But after like 30minutes you dial *141*712*0# or *123*10# and there you’ll see the 355Mb. This tweak is going to work for 1 week, compare to the ones for just 3days. The tweak has been tested and confirmed by many. 

 Therefore, if you use this tweak and it work for you, don’t hesitate to get back to us through our comment box. Though the tweak is not working for all Airtel sims, because some people might receive a message that they are not eligible for this offer, which means you need to obtain another Airtel sim. Enjoy your day.
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