Now you can get 4G if you subscribe with #2000 Airtel airtime. Good day allbloggingcoach readers, and I believed you’ve missed our daily updates on mobile internet. Now I brought to you again a new dealon how to get 4G data of airtel with just #2000.

 For the past 3 months have been using 4G data for a month and airtel network has been booming. Therefore, some friends actually asked if I could make a short post on how to get Airtel 4G with #2000. 

We actually wrote some post on Airtel mobile internet data that are still rocking like mad. You can check them below: 

1. How To Get 4G Data Bundle ON Airtel Unlimited Plan #1500 For 2 Months

 2. How To Get 82MB With Just N100 Airtel 

3. How To Make Free Calls With Your Airtel Line For 6 Months 

 All are still rocking like mad. So now let’s move to how to get 4G Airtel data for #2000.


1. Get an Airtel sim that is well registered 

2. Load a sum of #2000 airtime on it 

3. Confirm the airtime has reflected 

4. Dial *440*161# 

5. After you have dialed the code, wait for 1 minutes and a message will be sent to you that you have gotten Airtel 1+1 Unlimited 4G data.. 

6. Now you can start surfing.

 In case, you were told you are not eligible, because most often some sims are always been told that, you can decided to dial this code. *440*16#…… instead of the initial code above.

Thanks for taking your time to read this post. All the above Airtel data package shared above are still very valid and working fine.
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