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Now moving to our today’s discussion on how to get 4G on Airtel unlimited plan. Few days back, I wrote on why Airtel unlimited plan is better than other plans and today I’ll be sharing the steps on which you’ll follow to get 4G from the same #1500. Airtel has really been good these days, in which everybody can testify to.

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  NOTE: I need to let you know this, that it’s not all the Airtel sim are eligible to do the 4G for #1500, only selected Sims are opportune to do it.

  How to check if you are eligible:
1. First get your sim ready inside your phone.
 2. Dial *440*161*
3. You’ll for few seconds to get the response from the service.
4. If you are eligible for the plan, it’ll tell you that you are having insufficient balance for the process.
5. Then if you are not, it’ll reply with: you are not eligible for this plan, please dial *440#.
6. It shows eventually that you can’t do it. Then you need to go for the 2G plan which is also #1500 by dialing *440*16#.

    How to Subscribe For Airtel Unlimited 4G for #1500

1. If you have confirmed to eligible. Load in you #1500 airtime on your Airtel line
2. Dial *440*161#.
3. You’ll receive a message that your blackberry unlimited plan is alive, remove you battery and replace back.
4. Note: Sometimes, some people are not just so lucky, in that it might not browse instantly with your PC or BB. In that case it did not browse with either phone or PC
5. Load #100 airtime and subscribe for daily plan by dialing *141*712*11# 6. Then you are good to go. It blazes and you’ll get the next month subscription for free. Enjoy!!!
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  1. Goodday,I was on an airtel bis plan but can't remb the particular one. I used it for my tablet.when it expired,I didn't immediately subscribe untill I heard that airtel has cancelled am I sure that this plan still works?I think I shld be eligible cus I have an old ZAIN sim and I can borrow credit from airtel while my friend with the new sim can't.thank you

  2. Chinedu, the first thing you need to do is to check if you are eligible, and if you happen to be then you can go right to use it because it's working perfectly.

  3. I followed, then ma edge turned to EDGE. I checked data bundle, it says no active data plan. I now tried with *440*161# on ma nokia it says: Error Occurred (538). Pls try after some time. The time is now looking like thy kingdom come, what to do now bro? Thanks


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