Good day my readers, how are you guys doing? It’s quite a long time I wrote article on mobile internet. I’ve actually been more frequent on blogging tips than Mobile internet lately and I do believe that you always gained and learn new things whenever I post on other topics. If that is the case, then it’s good. I actually brought something more catchy and cool for you today.

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We all know that in the last few weeks,a month to be precise, the innovation of bbm on androids has been the talk of the town, in which many offloaded their blackberry just to get an android smartphones which they can now install the bbm on the android , and this is common among ladies.

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 Lately, I spoke with some ladies on how effective is the bbm on android? And how have they been grooving the thing. Some actually responded that “Mehn! It’s very lovely sha”. However, many things has happened in the communication world recently this year, the issue of bring android back to life and now authorizing bbm on android phones.

It’s as if Airtel network has finally spoil market for blackberry now, with the introduction of Airtel unlimited bbm subscription on Android phones. This is how you can ping on your android bbm for 30days without any interruption.

  How to Subscribe for Airtel bbm Unlimited on Android for 30 days 

1. Download the bbm here if you’ve not gotten one.
 2. Recharge Airtel airtime of #300 on your android smartphone
3. Dial *440*22#
4. The Airtel will be deducted while the bbm plan will be activated on your phone
5. Then you are good to go. Ping for me month with any interruption.

Note: This plan only for the bbm on android. I believe there are some people who prefers to ping only rather to browse, just like some ladies does pinging only on blackberry smartphones.

 FAQ: it was a thought that drops to my mind when I was researching this post. The question is can this plan work on blackberry smartphones? 

Answer: I believe nothing is impossible, it can be tweak to work with it, but it hasn’t been tested yet. Feel free to share this post. Have a wonderful day.
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