Knowing  how to increase your  Google AdSense CTR is the first step in knowing how to make money with adsense. Having high Click-through Rate is as important as anything you can mention, when it comes to revenue generation  that you can get from ads on your blog or website.


As we all know that Google AdSense is perhaps the most reliable and versatile  way for bloggers to make money from blogging, as Bloggers display Google ads on individual blogs. When your  readers click on such ads, you get a share in revenue from Google. Click Through Rate (CTR) and Cost Per Click (CPC) are the two major factors that determine the income of an AdSense publisher.

For those who deosn’t really know what CTR means:

What is CTR (Click Through Rate) ?

Now for those who don’t know what click through rate means, CTR or click through rate in ads is the number of clicks your ads receive vs the number of time the ads are displayed. Also for instance, if your blog receive 200 organic traffic that reflects on your AdSense dashboard, and you had 2 clicks. Therefore your site CTR is 2%. 

 Though at times, one’s site CTR can be as low as 0.05%, and this is when your site’s CTR is very bad. Google pronounced that the amount of traffic you get must be justified with the increased CTR of your blog. Good CTR should be between 5-7%.

 However, there are several things you can do to increase higher CTR to your sites.

How To Increase Your Adsense CTR (Click Through Rate)


As you know, content is the king. A great content brings traffic and money. Instead of creating irrelevant post, take your time to create a post that will last the test of time. What do I mean by “test of time”. An evergreen content, that searches will keep bringing it to people’s reach. Writing awesome evergreen contents is the way to go.

 Another advantage of having great content is you can leverage on better SEO because your stories get a lot of signals and SEO juice when they are naturally shared over the web. This way your posts can rank higher in SERP and get high quality clicks. Also don’t forget to write contents with keywords. These are what that can bring and increase your SERP.

2. Placement Of Ads 

Have come to realize something lately that he way you place your ads will definitely go a long way. Click through rate has a lot to do with where exactly you place your ads.

 However, it is recommended that you place your ads within or close to the content, like wrapping your ads with post content; such ads will get better CTR. Well-positioned ads get more eyeballs and therefore more click through rate.

 Which are the best positions for AdSense Ads?

1. Right below post title

2. After two paragraphs in the content

3. At the end of the post content

4. Top of the sidebar Sidebar 

5. Header

To increasing CTR place your ads well. Best placement of advertisements on a typical Blog .

To increasing CTR place your ads well in blog posts. These are the best placements of ads on a post or article page

3. Size Of Your Ads 

you have to take this aspect very serious, because the size of your ads determines how your CTR will move. Bigger ads get noticed rather easily and increase CTR rate.

But this theory should not prompt you to use ONLY the biggest available ads!. Your ads must look very natural and also fit in to the layout of your blog template .

If your ad size will be “odd”, the overall look and feel of your blog will suffer and you’ll lose readers. Also not that you need to be looking for ads size that suit your blog template because there is no universally best performing ad size or type.

4. Use AdSense for feed 

 Do you know adsense for feed? You should also take to that not all your readers read from your blog straight, but also those who read and get your post through the use of RSS. I mean your subscribers.

 5. Use Relevant ads 

 These are ads that are displayed based on the content of your blog page. Google AdSense works in such a way that they display ads relevant to a page. Relevant ads normally results in increasing CTR, thus giving you higher adsense earning. 

Google may sometimes has difficulty displaying relevant ads for your sites, and some things when done to your site will help display more relevant ads.

Thank you for taking your time to read my blog post. i know we still have more of the tips to increase one’s adsense CTR. We’ll love to hear more observations, additions and comment im the commen section. Also endeavor to share this post with a friend who is probably undergoing low CTR. Thanks

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