How to Increase Your Blog Visibility In Your Niche

I sat down today; thinking of what I can give to my readers. I just realize the word the word “visibility” keep coming to my head. The word keeps ringing in my head and I thought penning something down will definite be a good option. I kept still and the word rang again in my head in a new pattern. Blog visibility, in this competitive industry, there should be a way out. 

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Everybody wants to be famous isn’t it? And I doubt if there is someone out there who doesn’t want his/her voice to be heard. We all want to be respected and reckoned with and this is such a great belief and good thing, if from our heart we really wanted and dared to be famous in our niche. Getting your blog seen in the blogging industry is quite difficult, with a lot of new blogs coming up, and with the pro waking stronger every day. Which means nobody wants to be left behind.

 Believe me, even in the midst of this cumbersome situation, you can still show people what you’ve got, and that you deserve to be recon with. Though the game of gaining a clear visibility in your niche can’t just be easy, especially when we have a lot of people dicing through the game. But relax, there are million ways in which you can increase your blog visibility and also activate it. Today, I will be sharing in few points what you can do to activate you blog visibility in its niche. Therefore, sit tight, tighten your belt and learn how to increase your blog visibility.

Writing Guest post on Pro blogs in your Niche

Guess you won’t want to believe that this is the first time I will be writing about guest blogging. I’ve heard about guest posting several times, but never had the chance to experience it. I gave a chance and I experienced ×5 increase of my daily traffic. If I’m not wrong, I sure guest posting started long time ago, but I’ve not really given time since I started blogging 2011. 

Guest posting is a great innovation by the bloggers of our time. It entails writing of a quality great contents and publishing it on other people’s blogs in your area of specialization. Most especially blogs with high page ranking. Honestly, I tasted it once and confirmed that if you really want to increase your blog visibility in your niche, guest posting should be one of your focus.

 I will advise you to guest post on top blogs rather than small blogs, because posting on small blogs won’t get you to where you wants to reach. Creativity and SEO optimization is the sole of your article been accepted by top blogs. Let your content add values, solve problems and then you are good to go. You should take your time to source for materials and write a quality and unique article.

Reasonable Commenting

I noticed on several occasions when I commented with passion, the blog owners have to come back and reply my comment. I’ve found out lately that if you comment reasonably and with passion on top blogs them you’ve taken the first step to your blog visibility. I have found out that it’s easier for you to get noticed when you are frequent on the comment list of a pro blog.

 I experienced this sometimes ago, when I featured on a blog comment list for couple of weeks, a visitor challenged me and said am too frequent. People notice your activities everywhere, so make an impact. For you to get top blogs, you will have to research to find authority blogs In your niche and make a list of like 20 of them, exactly what I did. Read and leave a commendable comment before you leave. With this strategy of blog comment, you’ll get your blog visible in less than a month.

Build Good Relationship

Building a perfect relationship with top bloggers in your niche is one of the area in which you can get your blog noticed in blogosphere. I used to tell people that you can’t make it alone, even the pro bloggers we know today have to lean on some pros then in their own time. 

Thanks to Mr Ezegio joseph who gave me hope of blogging again. He gave me the reason to keep going and forever I’m indebted to him. Connecting top bloggers in your niche is a crucial step to getting your blog’s voice heard out there. You need to connect and learn from those established bloggers in your niche for you to build authority for your blog.

 Definitely am talking about the new era in which we are, seriously, you can’t just get to the top alone. I have tried getting on alone once and failed, so I won’t advice you to try such. So retweet their tweets, like their pages and posts and don’t be afraid to switch a conversation with them like I did and I’m benefiting from it now. 

Guess you won’t be surprise if at the long run you posts were seen by 52,000 followers on twitter when eventually they return they favor you’ve been given them. I believe all these things are simple things which we find unnoticed but necessary. Therefore get your blog visibility increased by building a wonderful relationship with authority blogs in your area.

Give Freebies(Giveaways)

Though not all bloggers engages in this but for the few that are doing this, they can definitely testify to the goodness. Though just ordinary giveaway prices won’t give you what you want, but a convincing and valuable giveaways will definitely sprout up your dream. Am talking about may be software tool that are very scare in your niche, quality e-book, attractive packages etc. endeavor not to copy other bloggers in what they are giving out.

 The best thing to do is to find out what your readers would be crazy about; I mean what you give as a free gift. For example, some pro bloggers give out word press Premium genesis template to their readers and also I saw a case where some bloggers were giving out Nexus 7 smartphones. All these are very attractive giveaways which will definitely increase the visibility of your blog. 

I’ll be dropping my pen at this time to take my dinner, but before I leave I want you to know that increasing your blog visibility is not an easy task, you need to take the bull by the horn and never give up. All the points stated above are all what you can achieve if you can take your time to apply them in the journey of your blogging. Therefore make sure you share this article with your friends and followers on twitter and Facebook.  Thanks.

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