Whoever says learning and asking questions is not part of blogging then the person is joking. I’ve made it a point of duty to always ask questions ad I have been seeing the good result. Though many wanted to ask, likewise others wished. But the zeal and courage to go about it is what they don’t have. The tutorial that am going to share with you is going to blow your mind because many have been looking forward to getting this solution.

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 I was actually thought the trick and I believe teachings you as well is a very good idea. I believe many times as a blogger we’ve heard about optimization of images for search engines. And in which we all know optimization of images enhances the increase in our blog traffic, and also give back a reasonable amount of backlink to our blog if the optimization are down in the right way.

 I believe everybody wants to optimize his/ her images? But most people don’t know how to go about it like I was some few hours ago. Optimization of images is very necessary, if we plan to have a strong blog contending at the top of the search engines. I’ve said it several times that you need to know what others don’t before you can rise as a pro in blogging, and also be smart. You need to be smart because blogging is more than quality content only.

Now fasten your belt and sit tight because we are about to reach the exciting stage of the post. The question now on everybody’s lips is how they can optimize their images for search engine optimization. It’s very simple, just follow the steps I gave below and you are good to go.

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1. Go to your dash board
2. Go to create posts
3. Immediately you are ready to upload a picture, click the upload image icon

Image- Optimization

4. It’ll take you to browse photos in your device

Image optimization

 5. Click the required picture and select it.

Image- optimization

 6. After selection, the picture will appear on a dialogues box.
7. Click the picture and it will get to the required destination which is in the post.
 8. Immediate you right clicked on the image, you notice some features of it like
 9. ‘Title, alt tag, caption, left, right, center, etc.

image optimization

10. Then you fill the required spaces.
11. You will see properties and this is where you put the above features

optimize your images

  Note: Now this is where image optimization comes in. in the space for “Title text” you put your post title and your “ALT text” you put your keywords. If you write a post with title “How to make money online faster and beat others” maybe your target keyword is “Make money online“, put that keyword in the alt area.

 This optimization of images helps in two ways, it gives your article authority and also prepare your images for search engines, as Google crawler only recognizes text. I believe with this, I have done justice with the optimization of images for search engines, and if you have an additional information and probably comment. 

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