It was once a viral rumor, when it was said that android company are coming with full force to dismantle blackberry market. Guess they are on the track of challenging the efficacy and potency of blackberry messenger. It’s quite a good development, when it was announced that android and iPhones users can now start pinging with blackberry.

Iphone has almost been useless in social media aspect, but I guess the new development now. It’s worth buying. So therefore, it’s a good news for those that uses non blackberry phones, because they can now ping with the latest application called Live profile. Yesterday when I installed it on my blackberry smart phone, I hardly pick out any difference from the new Live profile and blackberry messenger, because with the application, you can exchange pin with friends, lovers and your family.

Though some said it has been in existence for long, for I need to tell you that it’s rebranded with BBM relatives. When you create your account, you’ll be given a unique pin which you can share with friends. The Liveprofile is cheap to use, fast, user friendly, it gives reliable alternative to text messaging and also indicates when messages are delivered.

 It makes you feel closer to live conversation, because it indicates when the other party is typing his/her messages. One thing you need to know about it is that it is free even for international use, which means you can assess you folks out there in abroad.


1. Unique pin
2. Beautiful and user friendly interface
3. Photo and video sharing 4. Cute emotions like bbm
5. Address book for friend scans and invite
 6. Push notification with no battery usage
 7. Support all major smart phones etc.

How To Get the Application, Just download below

– For the Android user, you can go to the Android market to download it here or click here to download the Liveprofile application directly
– For Blackberry users, click here to download it, and later visit the site to create your account.
-i phone users should click Here and download Liveprofile application.

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