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During the course of been away for a while, I learnt so many things and part of which I’m about to share with you. Ranking high in Google has been the prior of all webmasters and bloggers. There is always that joy when a friend of yours called you to tell you that he/she saw your blog among the first 10 searches on the web. 

Therefore, have you searched so much on how to rank high in Google search and you couldn’t get? Then you are on the right blog. Like seriously I won’t be taking much of your time, we’ll just go straight to “ranking high in Google” and also part of what we’ll be discussing will be on submission of your blogs to search engines, and you can open this on another tab HERE. Ranking high in Google search doesn’t take much process when done appropriately. So therefore, sit back and enjoy the ride.


The first we’ll be talking about here is:


There is no escape route to this. If you want to get ranked on google search by readers or surfers, then you need to make use of keywords because these are guidelines to what people wants on the internet. 

Perhaps there was a time a write out of inspiration like I’m doing, but I bet you its keyword tight. The simple truth is that when you write posts without keywords, people can only see you when you share on social medias, but might take a very long time for Google to recognize it and fixed it as a keyword to the blog. 

I never said writing with inspiration is bad, but I’m only trying to say that when you get that inspirational “post tittle”, like I often do, try and use GOOGLE KEYWORD PLANNER and see if people also search keywords like that, and if Google keyword planner could not find the word, it will automatically give you related keyword and which invariably mean that is what people search for.


“Smile”. Are you aware that it’s not just about using keywords, but about how well you fix them to the post you want to publish.

 There was a time I was having serious issues with getting ranked on my blog, then I discussed with a blogger friend, and he told me this I’m about to put down. 

I believe this is applicable to all platform of blogging anyway, but for those that use blogger blog; here this. For you to rank high in google search, then you need to make your keywords appear in the following section of your post.

a. Your keyword should appear in the post tittle 

b. The first paragraph of the post, and at least 3-5 keywords and also bolded.
 c. Your permalink should also have your keyword. If you don’t know what permalinks is, then read it HERE
d. There is always a description box that appears with your post title in google search. 

Your keyword for that particular post must also reflect in there before you publish. 

Whoa! I heard someone said?


Do you have to wait for Google crawlers to come over to your blog before you get notice by surfers? Hell NO. The fastest way to submit your blog/post to Google is found HERE.

 Do you know millions of people publish every day and only few of them knew that one can submit his/her post to Google in less than 1 minute. The beauty of ranking high is Google search is for you to get your post index very fast on Google.

 At times it takes more than 3 days before Google could index one’s post, and we aren’t patient to that extent because we want our post to be ranked in Google search.


This two means I mention above has been given a strong mandate to activate post indexing and generate serious traffic to a blog. Blog communities like Blog engage, dosplash, bizsugar etc. 

To my best of ability, I think I joined up to 30 blog communities that I always share my post immediately I publish the articles. Sharing on blog community not only give your blog visibility, but also get noticed and also traffic will be added.


Believe it or not, social media has proven to be a huge success when it comes to blog visibility and traffic. 

NB: do you know that the amount of traffic a post generates also determine how high is ranked on Google? That’s a hint anyway.

 A very good deal to do when you share on social media is to use harsh tag with your keywords and share on many groups.

 There is no doubt; this post has helped you a lot. I believe this above points has really gone a long way to solve your challenges with ranking your post high in Google search.

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