Do you have to go to MTN office to queue again? No. In my previous post, I wrote on how you can unblock your blocked MTN line due to incomplete registration. You can check the Post HERE.

Like seriously, I was passing around on MTN office in my area and I noticed a lot of people have to leave their different offices to go and register their MTN lines instead of them just pressing a code. 

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Anyway, there is nothing in this world as powerful as information. I won’t be saying much though because I already had a blog post on that HERE, You can check.


 So therefore, you don’t have to bother yourself by going to the MTN office or cent to get your line activated again, you just have to follow some steps which will be shown below 

 1. After your line has been blocked 

2. Send “YES” without the column to 799 

3. A message will be sent to you that your request has been processing 

4. Just After like 2 hours thereabout 

5. Your line will be activate again and you’ll be able to make calls.

  If this post has helped you get your line back to normal, Please kindly use the comment box and make us know. We’ve done this for a lot of people yesterday and which has help them activate back their blocked MTN line.

 Also before you leave this page, endeavor to use the share button and make this known to your friends on Social media who might be having an issue with their MTN Line. Thanks



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