After some of the internet network started to mess up, MTN night plan has since then been the order of the day. Good day loyal allbloggingcoach readers, I’m so happy to have found the right way to making huge money on internet. If you want to know about that, contact me. But today, I’m coming in with a different story entirely. 

Though it was due to diverse question that made me come up with this post on how to subscribe for MTN night plan. If you are conversant to the thing on line, you will know that browsing the internet has been very difficult and tasking. 


What I mean in essence is the issue of subscribing. It has been so hard for some internet marketer to run their businesses online due to the savaged internet plans that we have in the country. Now today, a better plan has emerge from the stable of MTN… “the MTN night plan”. 

I can testify to the effectiveness of this mtn night plan which I started using some months ago, after other internet plans almost sap me out of cash. So how can you subscribe for the mtn night plan? How does it work ? what are the benefit? Then sit down and let’s roll with the show.

  How to Subscribe to the MTN Nigh Data Plan

To activate,subscribe to the MTN night plan on your android device,PC,iphone,simply recharge your SIM with #2500 only then dial *102# or send 102 to 131 .Your #2500 credit will immediately be deducted,you be notified of the sucess or failure of your subscription and your data plan will immediately be activated if successful.

  How to Check the MTN Nigh Data Plan Balance

To check the MTN NIGHT PLAN data bonus of 1.5gig,simply dial *559*2# or *559#,you will be shown your bonus data balance.To check your main data balance,send 2 to 131 in an sms ,you will be notified of your data balance,and the expiry date through SMS.

  Few Thing you must Know About The MTN Night Plan

1.The MTN Night Plan costs #2500 only and last for one month.

2.The MTN Night Plan gives you 3gig of data ,plus 1.5gig bonus making a total of 4.5 gig of data.

3.The MTN Night Plan can be used from 9:00PM to 6:00AM during the Week but works 24Hours on Weekends until you finish the bonus data.

4.The MTN Night Plan can be used on any device.

5.The MTN Night plan opens Facebook ,twitter and google plus at any time of the day.

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