Internet forum has been in question of how it could enhances the increase in blog traffic, the answer is yes. As of late, Forums has been a great medium for bloggers to get their potentials out to the world and whereby getting back the traffic you desire. 

Internet forum is also an online discussion site where different ask questions, seek opinions and others provide relative answers. Research has shown that 70% of solution found or got on forums by fellow bloggers has helped a lot of upcoming bloggers and also the so called pro-blogger An internet forum has surely been a very good source of traffic generation.


 Backlinks has often been a topic most bloggers chew in their mouth, because most of them don’t know the efficiency of the so called backlinks. According to google, backlinks enables you keep tracks of other pages on the web that are link to your posts.

 For instance, suppose Mr A writes a blog post that Mrs B finds very interesting, then Mrs B goes to write something of such, about the same thing but in a different contextual then linking back to Mr A’s original post. Now Mrs B has really shown that Mr A has a link to the post in question, and it will provide a link back to him. 

I believe back linking really give rooms for more interaction, because if you noticed that a link came from one particular blog, definitely you might want to check and go to this blog to check what’s up. There is this one time when I was doing some researching, Blogbloke made mention of something similar to back linking in association to acknowledgements. 

He said most bloggers of nowadays will come to your blog, fetch your materials and go off to theirs and make some good mend of it without acknowledging the owner of the original content . Though I wouldn’t want to disagree with him because aside back linking, acknowledgement really makes blogospheres to be an interactive world.


 Traffic is the key to some many things in blogging, a blog without a good traffic is like a products without buyers, possibly marketing. Traffic on a blog invariably summaries the reputation of a blog, which means a blog with a high traffic shows it has a great reputation. 

So talking about traffic, the next question that is going to follow from any blogger is how to drive traffic to a blog. That’s a very good question that most new bloggers ask every blessed day. whereas, the established ones (bloggers) who has found their ways to getting traffic say little about how to drive traffic, and all what you see them saying is how to make money with your blog; interesting I guess? 

The first thing you need to do when seeking to drive traffic is to get your blog indexed to Google webmaster and what are the contents you are posting? Are they what people searched for? Is it meeting the needs of the people? These are the questions that supposed to be running through your mind.

 And on the second basis, find a very good forum that best fit the niche of your blog and sign up.

Thirdly, Try in all you possible best to review your blog often and check for posts that are intertwine somehow, so you could link the previous posts with recent posts on your blog. Always try and provide a video or link to youtube and optimize your images, save which ever images you are to use on you PC before uploading it out. 

Forum has been a great source traffic medium for so many blogger, so endeavor to get yourself attached and explore the world. You can check nairaland, it is a good forum to display what you’ve got.
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