Readers Brag about Your Blog

I read a 5 star review of one of my 100 plus eBooks a few moments ago.

I re-read the review.

How does it feel to have readers brag about you? Good? Bad? Why?

Do you feel comfortable letting readers brag about your blog?

As I scanned reviews for my eBook: 11 Proven Tips for Aspiring Bloggers

I came across a dandy and posted the review word for word to my Facebook Page because I felt good doing so. Why not allow people to brag about me? Happy readers drive increased business through my eBook income stream.

A few years ago, I lived a different story. I flat out ignored positive reader reviews. Why? I believed I did not genuinely deserve glowing reviews. I also felt a little embarrassed to get 5 star reviews because I felt I was no one special. Of course, these limiting beliefs held back eBook sales because if you give little attention and energy to folks who love what you do, few folks love what you do.

I did wake up though. Now I promote my eBooks and 5 star reviews freely on social media, on my blog and through videos. Naturally, eBook sales continue to rise because if you promote people’s glowing endorsements you connect with more folks who love what you do and buy your eBook.

Where Your Energy Goes Grows

Where your attention and energy goes, grows.

Give your energy to folks who love your work. Promote their reviews. Allow these loyal fans to brag about your blog. Succeed.

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But most bloggers move in the opposite direction because most bloggers feel highly uncomfortable allowing readers to brag about them. Bloggers either hate the spotlight or feel non-deserving of success, shun publicity, never promote 5 star reviews and struggle to succeed because said bloggers do not give their attention and energy to people who love what they do. By default, these bloggers fail simply because they give their energy to struggle, not success.

Get Comfortable with Receiving Success

Get comfortable with receiving blogging success. See more success.

Allow people to brag about you and to shout out your blogging skills. Even if it feels a bit uncomfortable at first, feeling good about positive reviews and promoting endorsements helps you get clear on your products and services. From there, things get easier in terms of driving traffic and making money blogging because each fan is a brand advocate and every positive review is a money maker.

People love buying based on word of mouth marketing. Imagine being an aspiring blogger who sees this 5 star review for the above eBook?

“All because of this book, I was up at 4AM brain-dumping ideas the other night. And that hasn’t happened for me in a long, long while.

If you blog, you need this book! It just frees you of so many blogging worries. (At least it did for me.)

Sure, everybody tells you to become a writing machine. Make writing a habit. But Ryan actually tells you how to do it. And it flat out works. Ryan gives you his own schedule. Helps you figure out why you write and makes it fun and freeing. Helps you ignore useless criticism and really write for yourself.

I wish I’d known before what he says in chapter 9 about branding. Would’ve saved me many hours and a lot of my money.”

Do you see what I mean? My eBook title and summary seemed helpful but reading a verified buyer’s glowing, genuine take on my eBook inspires you to buy the thing. He tells you to buy it because the eBook frees you of blogging worries. Hmmmm…is it worth about 7 bucks to be free of blogging worries? I believe so. Especially if an established blogger shares his honest thoughts to verify the eBook reduces your blogging anxiety.

Why do you know about this positive review?

I promoted the reader’s 5 star take explicitly via this guest post.

Let your readers brag about you and do not be shy promoting their positive reviews.

Multiply your success by being comfortable with promoting your loyal fan’s endorsments of your work.

About the Author:

Ryan Biddulph inspires you with 100 plus eBooks, audio books, courses and his blog at Blogging From Paradise.


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