NVIDIA has unveiled the TITAN V, the first client Graphics processing Unit based on their new Volta design. The reveal was made at the annual Neural information processing Systems conference for this year.

According to their promulgation, it is a pc video card less designed for gaming and more for remodeling “the laptop into AI supercomputer.” In terms of sheer computing power, the new card has 110 Teraflops — over enough to blow all previous NVIDIA cards out of the water.

NVIDIA claims that the TITAN V has nine times the “Deep Learning Horsepower” of the previous Titan X graphics card, and still lots faster than the AMD Radeon professional duo.

“Our vision for Volta was to push the outer limits of high performance computing and AI. we broke new ground with its new processor design, instructions, numerical formats, memory design and processor links,” NVIDIA founder and chief executive officer Jensen Huang explained as he introduced the new card at the annual event.

“With TITAN V, we are putting Volta into the hands of researchers and scientists everywhere the planet. i can’t wait to check their breakthrough discoveries,” he added.

Scientists and researchers better secure their funding first, since the new TITAN V won’t be cheap. At $2,999 each, the new graphics card is definitely at the tip-top finish of NVIDIA’s product line.

NVIDIA’s new TITAN V isn’t just the graphics card maker’s “most powerful GPU for the laptop,” it is also among the most efficient. The new Volta design lets the card run at double the potency of its predecessor, on high of delivering nine times the power of the previous Titan.

The video below shows an outline of NVIDIA’s new TITAN V GPU for the laptop. The NVIDIA TITAN V is now available on NVIDIA’s website and other retailers.



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