While it’s true that 64-bit systems are the norm for a few time now, if you are on an older machine and ought to work with bequest hardware for no matter reason, you’ll have to grasp that Nvidia will soon stop releasing graphics driver updates for 32-bit systems running Windows, Linux and FreeBSD.

Your graphics cards and chipsets can still work, of course, however they will not get the security updates and bug-fixing patches that go along with recent drivers. That said, Nvidia is promising to obtrude important security fixes for 32-bit operating systems, should any ensue, for another year – till January 2019.

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Release 390 are going to be the last with 32-bit support. “Driver enhancements, driver optimizations, and OS features in driver versions after release 390 won’t be incorporated back into release 390 or earlier versions,” says Nvidia.

Time to upgrade

If you are running a 32-bit version of Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, or any flavor of FreeBSD or Linux, and you deem Nvidia graphics cards, it is a sensible excuse to treat yourself to a system upgrade.

Sticking with older design not solely puts you behind the curve in terms of compatibility with the newest hardware and software system hit the scene (like graphics card drivers for example), it additionally causes you to more of a threat to viruses and malware – see WannaCry for reference.

For additional details on Nvidia cards and security problems, head to the official website. in the meantime, release 390 is predicted to be out within successive month, thus enjoy your 32-bit Nvidia driver support while it lasts.


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