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One blogging concept may confuse the heck out of you.

Becoming a pro blogger requires you to be a pro, well before you earn a dime through blogging.

pro blogger


Bloggers struggle like a fish out of water because they choose to be an amateur hour, cheap, non-committal blogger.  Of course failure besieges said bloggers.

But the few who act like a  pro blogger before traffic or profits flow through their blogs become blogging leaders.

Follow these tips to act like a blogging big gawd before you go professional.


1: Study the Greats

John Chow.

John Rampton.

Syed Balkhi.

Zac Johnson.

I observed each pro speak at a summit in NYC last year.

More than one explained how they made nary a penny through their blog for 8-12 months.

One blogger noted publishing 2-3 helpful posts daily for about a year before making dough.

This is being a pro before becoming a pro, or acting like a pro before you see pro dough, let alone get a scent of a cent.

Most bloggers panic horribly if they see no blogging money after working sporadically for 3 weeks.

Pros lay the foundation for a successful blog, being generous and detached well before the chedda flows in.


2: Pay for Your Domain and Hosting

I stepped it up today.

For the first time I am on a VPS. This means I am paying up to play up.

I’ve been a pro for years yet going all VPS on it will move me up in blogging circles even more quickly. Pros continue to grow, ya know?

As a newbie you need to pay for your domain and hosting to act like a pro from day 1.

No way around this one.

Amateurs stay amateurs until amateurs drop ducats on premium hosting and domain names.

Act like a pro. From day 1. Buy your domain and hosting to convey a professional blogging image.

Brand yourself effectively.

Gain trust.


3: Work on Your Mindset

Work on your energy.

Detach some from outcomes.

Follow your passion, not profits.

Doubling down on energy work goads me to write these words at 1:30 AM on a Monday morning. I ain’t working hard though; play all day, this is for me.

But I did not play most of the day until I purged deeply held fears related to blogging.

Purging fears required me to spend time daily:

  • Meditating
  • Doing yoga
  • Jumping into a cold shower
  • Praying
  • Exercising

I walked for 90 minutes today, meditated for 20 minutes and did 30 minutes of yoga. Toss in 10 minutes of prayer and a cold shower for the perfect energy management ritual.

As within, so without.

Working on energy helps you persist through thick and thin, so you can act like a pro before becoming a pro.


4: Be Generous

This one is the pro maker.

Pro bloggers act generous years before becoming pros.

My friend Alonzo Pichardo leads a massive, rabidly loyal tribe. He runs thriving online businesses.

The guy has been incredibly generous with me and super generous with his followers for years. No doubts why he’s a pro’s pro, a dyed in the wool online influencer; he acted like a generous professional before he saw professional results.

Set up income streams of course but help folks freely too. Be generous. Help people all day long. Eventually, paying customers and clients find you, slowly but steadily boosting your cash flow to professional levels.


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