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Are you feeling like you’ve done the best you could do, and yet you never hit 1000 page views per month and only few of your blog post are getting search engine traffic. So fine, you have come to the right blog. 

I know the reason why your blog traffic never rise beyond what you expected, are you surprise I did? Lol.




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Honestly, I have been in the shoes for once, I want you to know that whatsoever I discuss or have talked about on this blog was as a result of the experience I had, and the solutions I used to solve those challenges, and am so sure if you listen very careful and pay attention to what am about to discuss, things is gonna change for better. 

In this post, I have accentuated some factors that contribute to low traffic to your blog, and this are the factors below.


1.You Just Started: 

The fact still remains that you are new into blogging, Rome they said wasn’t built in a day, likewise the world of blogosphere. For you to create a blog and have the prospected traffic you desire, you need to be patient a bit. 

For Instance, when i started my first blog in 2011, just exactly like i was told that if i had a post and published it, am going to have 1000 visitors… etc, immediately i published it, just realized that i was only 5 visitors i had. I now asked people that while didn’t i have enough traffic like i was told, exactly what i was told is going to lead us to the second point.

 2.You Have Not Indexed Your Blog:

 Are you looking lost on what i said about indexing? Indexing is a situation where by you submit your blog posts to Google. There is a way your posts are been located on search engines, your blog will be indexed automatically, but there are steps you need to follow. These are:

1. Create an XML sitemap with the Google XML Sitemaps plugin. 

2.Submit your sitemap to Google through Google Webmaster Tools. 

3.You Are Not Writing What People Search For:

The first step in writing is to meet up with what people are searching for, like am doing right, meeting up with people’s demand. The issue of life is providing solutions to masses problems and ignoring this advice is like planning to set a  business without doing appropriate research. 

If you want your traffic level to boost more than your imagination, then you need to provide content with keywords search. And to help you get what people search for, then you can use Google keyword Tool.

4. You Are Not Linking Your Posts:

For you to create an ultimate resource for keywords is to link to other materials on your blog, both externally and internally. When we talk about external, we are talking about acknowledgement you gave a post from your blog , and the internal aspect, it’s when you link your old posts to previous ones. These are the main things linking of your blogpost together does.

1.It makes your blogposts very valuable

2.It makes it very easy for Google to find other contents on your blog.

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5. You did Not Optimize Your Images:

Are you so surprise about the optimization of images, like you are having it on your mind that do they also optimize images? Yes they do optimize images. Optimizing images will help your search engines ranking in 2 ways:

1. You’ll get traffic through Google’s image search, and

2. Making Google to know your primary keyword

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Here are the only three ways to optimize your images:

  1. Save your images as [keyword-phrase.png] before you upload them to your site.
  2. Add alt text as [keyword phrase].
  3. Add title tag as [keyword phrase].


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