As you can see, there are lots of blog that respond to calls from search engine result and most times you are often scared,  right? Because you believed your blog might not rise to that level. Now your story is changed as long as you’ve found your way down to this blog.


Perhaps you were searching for a particular keyword and you saw a sub domain or a new blog competing with an old and authority blog for that particular keyword. The question that first come to your mind or every other webmaster are how come this is happening. Neither believe me, there are now tweak nor tricks for running the show , but the only trick is the one that has been hidden from you.

I know you are anxious now, but just relax. There is definitely a secret and strategies to use in other for you to be able to challenge authority blogs out there in search engine results.

Today I will share with you the known secrets on how you can make every of your blog posts show in each keyword related to your niche.

1. Write a unique blog posts/ contents

For your information, the journey of your blog post optimization starts from how well written and distinct your blog posts are. This is the major challenge most bloggers face, apart from the normal blog promotion activities. 

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A blogger who doesn’t want to learn the habit of creating a quality content will never find a way out blogging industry. Successful bloggers have to keep their head straight in demand to what visitor want, which high quality contents.

Moreover, Google also love quality content more than quantity. If you’ve decided to publish one single article in a day and you are sure it’s a quality content, it’s far better than publishing 10 articles that aren’t compelling or engaging.

Therefore, your unique content will always caught Google eyes first and get index as fast as you can think of.

  2. Add “ALT” tag to your blog post images

I believe if you are a constant reader of this blog, you should have come across a post on adding tag to you blog posts. The issue here is that the “ALT” tag informs the search engine bots of the category in which your images falls.

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The fact that bots cannot read images, which is why you need to tag it for proper categorization. For instance, if you upload an image and you did not add the ALT tag, bot/ search engine will not discover it but as soon as you add the ALT tag + keywords, search will discover it whenever such keyword is been search for, and this would help get more traffic to your blog.

3. Create Permalink for your blog post.

This has since been working for me; you need to take note that creating permalink for every blog post you write is very important, because this is a very good way for you to get good search result from the search engines.

 The tweak behind creating this custom permalink is that you’ll set the permalink with your keyword, and this gives you more control over your blog posts and the blog provide more information to your visitor when your keywords are been shown from the search results.

  4. Use Optimized Blog title (H1- H3)

 Header tags are very important when it comes to search engine optimization. A lot of people find it very difficult to get their posts to the first ten searches of the Google result because they couldn’t optimize their blog post title.

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This is very essential in that it makes search engine bots to easily crawl and show your post in the keywords that best suit it. If you are a naive in the use of header tag, then let me give you an introduction to it before I make a post on it.

Normally, we use H1 tag for the blog title, H2 and H3 tags are used for blog post titles. But by default, blogger has already assign H3 tags to blog post title which is not too good for search engine query. Therefore, if you want to make your posts visible in search engines, simply change your H3 to H2.

5. Submit your blog to Google Webmaster

I believe this post is now becoming more interesting right? Because I’ve already given virtually everything you need to get your blog post optimized. But we don’t have to leave the services of the great webmasters (Google and Bing).

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 Google webmaster is a tool which you can use to submit your posts very fast after you publish it. Once you notify Google that you have a fresh content on your blog either by pinging or any other ways, Google will start sending bots to your blog and your blog pages and posts will be crawled.

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 I wrote some post on how to get your blog posts indexed on Google  very fast, you can check the post.

Conclusively, do you have any other means by which you optimize your blog posts aside the ones above? Feel free to share your views about this post and kindly use the comment box to state your observation and modifications.

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