Social media platform has been one of the greatest means for pulling website traffic and SEO ranking in recent times. So there is no doubt that you all know that, therefore social media isn’t just an option like it used to be back in the days, but it has really transformed to be a necessity will impact your website traffic.

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 I believe you all are seeing from my own perspective that there is nothing to hide about social media platform again, but to help you build your authority.

 I remembered that I had written an article on Revealed secrets of using social media and probably if you’ve not read it, you should try and read it now. Social media platforms are many on the internet that we can count as many as 20, which you can choose from nowadays… but getting significant ones is just what we are talking about here.

 Probably I should have titled this post the most significant social media platforms bloggers should watch out for in the year 2014, because they’ve really been so influential this year. Therefore, I’ve taken the time to compiled my top social media platforms that will not only sky rocket your blog traffic, but will also help you build the social media presence you need for authority building as a blogger.

1. Facebook


Statistic has shown that Facebook is a wonderful social media platform for both leisure and business marketing. Facebook has been found to be the world leading social media platform with over 1.16 billion users routing the platform worldwide.

 Waoo! Facebook these days is now more than just making friends, but has turned out to be a power house for generation of blog traffic for those bloggers that know their ways. Do you know I actually shouted when I was researching the statistics of Facebook. The figure for last year was around 650million, but the story is changed today.

  Do you see what I’m seeing? 

For you to use build a strong authority in social media, then Facebook should be your first option for social media platform. However, considering the number of users on Facebook, I believe you shouldn’t be told to choose Facebook as your first platform.

Who to Target You need to be sure about those you what to reach. if you think Facebook marketing is just about sharing your post and spamming the platform then you are absolutely wrong about that. You need to know who to target i.e. your audience, when to promote your content or product, and what to promote. These are strategies that can help you connect well with your targeted audiences.

Therefore, do your marketing survey very well because Facebook is a great social media platform to promote your product and services.

  2. Twitter 

Twitter is one of the strongest social media platforms of our time; it’s my favorite social media platform. It is a platform where you use just 140 characters to share information with over 500 million users, and you’ll drive tons of traffic without stress.

 It is the second largest community after Facebook, and with the new innovation of #hash tag; twitter has turned out to be a traffic tycoon for most bloggers.

One great influence twitter have on links is that when you share a highly optimized tweet you just your few follows, you have the opportunity of getting you tweets to tens of thousands of people on twitter with the use of the following twitter sharing tools:



 These are great social media tools for making your tweets go viral. You sign up with your twitter account where you’ll be able to place credits on your tweets for others to retweets for you. We all know that twitter is for the masses, and most times you hard know the audiences you are targeting therefore, that is why some bloggers don’t really fancy twitter as the source of their blog promotion.

 For me, twitter is cool but no too good when you are looking for a specific traffic to target. But social media management for twitter is very friendly when it comes to usage. You just have to: Compose you highly optimized tweet with the use of #hashtag Within 140 characters only.

For you to use twitter to generate traffic to your blog, you need to be smart in making use of the #harsh tag and trends.

3 Google Plus


Google plus is really pursuing twitter, it was estimated to have 345 million users and this really make things more interesting. Google+ brought social networking to a whole new level Google+ is trailing closely behind Twitter with 343 million users and this makes everything more interesting. Some bloggers actually argued it out that Facebook and twitter are for the masses, whereas Google + is streamed line for some specific people.

 I actually find it very difficult to agree in the first instance, but when I looked at what makes Google + different form other social media platforms, then I realized it’s worth it. When looking at what makes Google plus different from others like Facebook and twitter, then I’ll be talking about their Google + Communities.

We have some Google+ communities which are specific to your niche, in which you can join, share, and get active. These are what actually bring traffic and authority from the new friends you’ll meet in the communities. Sharing related article or blog post in the right community is a guarantee of a chance of getting good amount of traffic back to your site.

We actually have some communities that have well above 20,000 members and looking at this number of members, if you are active and interact well then you stand the opportunity of having nothing less than 5000 members visiting your blog.

  4. Pinterest 


Unlike the above mentioned social media platform, pinterest is extremely becoming very popular now with its “Pins” and “board”. With the estimated users of over 100millions worldwide, pinterest have now started pulling to be a great competitor to other social media platforms because they work directly with your image keywords especially in photography world Before it was majorly photography, but now blogging has taking part in the usage of pinterest, because a lot of bloggers are making use of the platforms this day.

 So, how do you get traffic from Pinterest? Many bloggers are now using pinterest sporadically because we are now making use of pictures in most posts. How I got my traffic from pinterest is very simple which I’ll like to share in brief now.

What I actually do is that I use keywords on my pictures when it is been tag. I.e I optimized my images for search engines before I pin it to pinterest board. 

For example, if you post’s keyword is social media platform, you should get an image edited and restructured by yourself, and when you are to tag the image, you should use your keyword. The reason been that search bots doesn’t read images, but they tend to read text.

Therefore, your images keyword will be read by the Google bots. Does this makes any sense to you? You need to remember that pinterest is a social media tool, and for you to get a decent traffic from it you need to practice the right techniques of using it.

5. Tumblr 


You need to start using tumblr today.Tumblr is also a very good social media platform when it comes to photography and images. It has an estimated 220 million monthly visitors and it’s having around 109 million blogs on the site. If you want to generate enough and tons of traffic, then you need to change your game plan towards tumblr.

So the social media lesson here is —> If you want to gain traffic from Tumblr, start focusing in marketing your images. Ensure that these images are on high resolution and there’s a link back to your website.

  6. LinkedIn


If you are targeting corporate users on social media, then linkedIn is the best platform for you. Latest statistics showed that about 238 million active users are routing linked in, and this makes it among the top 5 social media sites in across the globe.

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One good thing about linkedin is that you have to work more on your profile. You need to write out every detail that can market your product and tell your customers what you do, and what you are into. Now depending on your niche, investing much time on a social media site like linkedin could be a total waste of time if you are not running a business blog, or maybe you are into corporate affairs.

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  For you to benefit most out of linkedin as a business blogger there are few things you need to consider:

1. How your products can attracts you customers or others?
2. What can make your potential customers click your link?

All these are what you have to put into consideration when you are using linkedin. Over to you I’ve compiled some of the most significant social media platforms used by bloggers, which among them are you using, or are your favorites? Tell me what you think about the list and your observation by simple using the comment box. Please share this post with your friends on social media. .
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