Happy New Year to you all!!!. In this world of blogging that we are today, making money has been a necessity especially for those who has been in the business for a while.

 New bloggers aspire to make money very fast at the beginning of their blogging career. Well, I’ll say it’s possible if you mingle and walk with blogging giants.

Who do I refer to as blogging giants? These are pro bloggers, I mean people that have been in the system for long; no wonder why Gilbert of viral writer made it so early at his career because he learned from experts. You are reading this post today because you want to make money from your blog or make more money online. 

Indeed there is not one, but many ways to earn extra bucks in this New Year.

And many of these involve working online and with your blog, which means you can earn money right from the comfort of your living room!.

 Most of my blogger friends know quite a number, but on a more serious note we have people that want to make money but couldn’t get a way out.

Most bloggers have been frustrated because they couldn’t get AdSense account. You need to know that AdSense is not the only way to make money with you blog. Today I will be discussing top ways you can earn money with your blog and outside your blogs in 2014.

1. Selling ad space 

This particular method of earning income has been one of the oldest forms of making money with one’s blog. I purposely make this my first method of making money because it really worked for me in 2013.

The situation here is that,  if you have a blog that generate lots of traffic and you have a low alexa rank; it attracts advertisers to your blog, whereby they approach you that they’ll like to put their adverts on your blog.

Important things you need to look at for when planning to sell ad space on your blog are:

Alexa rank

 Daily Unique visitors/ Month 

Daily Page views/ Month 

Your blog location.

These are the basic requirement you need to convince an advertiser to place ad on your blogs.

  2. Affiliate Marketing 

This is a very good method to make money online, but I noticed that only fewer bloggers engages in affiliate marketing act. It’s also a widely used technique to make money online. All you just have to do is to refer people to products/services that are created by someone else; you serve as the middle man or woman.

What you do in essence is to connect those that are searching for a particular product with the people that offer it, and you’ll get commission for doing that. It sounds nice right? We have lots of hosting site that want affiliate marketers.

 eBay, amazon are veteran when it comes to affiliates product. So you can decide today to start up with something.

3. Writing articles

Writing articles has been one of the oldest ways of making money online. I believe this can also be categorized under freelancing. A very good example I could remember was when Joseph of blogging tips today was looking for a person to write for his entertainment blog.

This is a very good way to earn money. In fact the sweet aspect of it is that you don’t necessarily have to own a blog before you can earn from writing. If you are ready and interested in making money from writing, then you can sign up for an account at fiverr and mygigerr.

 These are great platforms like a market place where you can get enough of offers for your individual writing skills. All what you have to do is to set up your profile and be on the lookout for people that wants your services. Well it’s not only for article writing, but a very good platform to start with.

  4. Your innate skills 

This method of making money online is actually ruling the blogging community at present. I wrote an article on how you can make money with just your PC and internet. To be serious, I have blogger friends that are really making serious money with their skills.

When you have a skill that other bloggers don’t have, then you don’t have to wait for adsense before you start making money. Obasi of obasimvilla is a very good example of a blogger that makes money with his innate skills. He is a guru when it comes to building of websites; Olusegun Fapo of Justnaira is also not left out.

These guys are great in twisting PHP; likewise we have other bloggers who also engages in designing banners and also plugins. In which ever ways you fell, just make sure you take the maximum advantage of what you have.

  5. Google AdSense 

Google adsense is widely known by many bloggers. You’ll hardly see a blogger who doesn’t know about this wonderful platform. I listed Google adsense among my top 10 ways to make money in 2014 because many bloggers have actually gotten real fortune from this platform, while others are still struggling to get their blog accepted.

Google AdSense is a cost per click advertising programs which allow anyone who meet up with their policies to display their ads on his/her websites. The sweet news here is that Adsense is about the easiest way for bloggers to make money with their blogs.

 After you’ve been accepted to the system and you have installed the code in your site, Adsense spiders’ crawls your sites to see what your pages are all about. Then they now display their ads related to your blog contents.

Anyway In the past years, to get adsense account  was very difficult but in 2013, YouTube monetization by Google came around and fewer bloggers were able to use the Youtube adsense in their blog.

There is a secret about making the youtube adsense display on your blog which many people are not familiar with, therefore i’ll like to offer a service for that. if you are interested, contact me.

 Note: If you want a Google adsense account in less than 2 days, Hire Me

 6. Freelancing 

Freelancing is basically when you work for others online and you get paid for it. Do you know that by far, this has been the most popular and profitable alternative to office jobs. *Smile*.

From my research, I read in a place.. Just couldn’t remember again where i came across the material that says : freelancing is better than office job. Do you agree with that? You can leave your opinion of that in the comment box. As a freelancer, you choose the work you want to do and the ones you have some interest in it.

There are lots of freelance opportunities like: writing articles, doing programming and probably managing blogs for busy bloggers. 

Freelancing is just wonderful, because it’s your way of saying out to the world. I.e. you can always take a nap whenever you want, though technically you don’t have a job, but you can always have the time for your loved ones.

  7. Doing online surveys 

On a more serious note, online survey is just one other way you can make money online. We have lots of websites who are looking for people to help them in their research and fill surveys for them, and at the end of the project you will be paid for your services.

There are websites that are just available to find out survey available for you. A very good example is the SurveyScout. You can try it out.

  8. Selling products

Do you want to make serious money online? then start selling products. Selling of products and creating a portion for testimonial on your blog will really pull lots of people to your blog, which in variably generates income for you.

This product can be affiliate products (ebay or amazon) or probably you’re a developer and you have a wonderful plugins to sell. These are what gives most developers money online, because they were able to market and sell their products coupled with other sources of income.

 9. Sponsors reviews 

Sponsors review is a very good way of making money online. This is a situation where by you write a post about a company or their products, whereby you leave a link back to such a website. 

Last year September, I was approached by one educational institute that they wanted me to write a review for their company, I did it and delivered well.

 I was  paid handsomely anyway. What I’m trying to say here is that you can always make money online with your blog if you make your blog’s health status your priority. 

 Some of the places where you can get sponsors review are: Sponsor reviewsPost joint etc. You blog should meet up with their policies before they can accept you to their system.

 10. Surfing and Searching the internet

I’ve you heard about a company called Swagbucks that gives you the chance to make up to $5 per each search you make for them. Are you surprise? Surfing the net is also a very good way to earn more income in this New Year.

Since search engines such as Google and Bing have actually monopolize the industry, other small search engines were greatly affected, but they just have to deliver to their clients. Therefore, they invite net searchers to use their engines and pay them in return! This is actually not new, but I believe those that I’ve started using it are making more money now.

There is yet another great site that pays searchers to surf for them. Surfbounty is the name of this particular website, where all you have to do is to stay on that site for few minutes and register a “surf”. Thereafter dollars start to add up for you.


I’ve seen many bloggers that engages 5 out of the 10 top ways to make money listed in the post above. Which ones can you verge off or, probably the ones you’ve used before and that are very profitable. I’ll really like to hear your own opinion in the comment section.

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