Negative seo is not something new or something uncommon and sure it can definitely wreck your Google scores. In this post i will give an explanation for what negative seo is and what also are  the top practices that can negatively impact your rank. 

Whу you nееd lоng tаil kеуwоrdѕ SEO fоr yоur wеbѕitе 

 What is negative seo?

 Practices which might be unethical, uniquely different from the limits of Google webmaster recommendations are taken into consideration as bad, accordingly the term ‘ negative search engine optimization’. 


 While search engine optimization is ready optimizing your website or blogs for search engines like google, negative seo can generate the opposite consequences. So, listed are the outlined strategies that can harm your ranking and most importantly you need to avoid them? 

 #1 Duplicate content material 

 The first tip is to be certain that your content is specific and unique. Within the case of negative seo, you need to keep away from publishing replicate content material on your website. Copyrighted content is not proper for seo. 

 The principle motive is if search engines have already got the identical content of their index, there will be simply no reason to index your web page because it has nothing new to provide. if you need to have some reproduction content to your internet site because it’s far beneficial to your readers or due to the nature of your business, you have to “no index” those pages in order that they do now not have a terrible effect on your seo.

 #2 Keyword Stuffing

 Repeating the same key phrases may be beneficial inside the text but because you’re imagined to optimize your reproduction, is a totally terrible seo practice. Not best it’ll discourage your visitors from interacting or reading the content material but it is also a signal for engines like google that you are trying to control (trick) their algorithms. 

 Citing your key phrases in about us page, description, beginning paragraph and multiple more times certainly within the textual content is enough.

 #3 visitor posting for backlinks 

 Last year a whole lot of people insisted that a comfy manner to get lower quality links for your blog become through visitor posting. Even as visitor posting can be a splendid manner to do that, if done affordably and wrongly, can damage your ratings. 

You can get put up on excessive first-rate websites related to your niche no longer for the reason of a getting a backlinks however for extra publicity and recognition. I remember one article I wrote 12 months ago on a guest post put up for backlinks a closer evaluation on what is a superb link from guest posting. 

 #4 Publishing low quality guest posts On Your Blog 

You could characteristic new writers to your website and put up content material written via others furnished that it is unique, applicable and useful for your audience. If the above rules aren’t met, then it’s better not to publish anything at all.

 Publishing new content on a everyday basis is a great seo exercise however it’s also critical to maintain a balance among content produced from the blog and content material supplied to the internet site in exchange for a link in the author bio. 

 #5 cloaking / Invisible text cloaking 

 (Hiding the real vacation spot of a link) and showing unique variations of a web page to crawlers and users was a commonplace exercise inside the past however not anymore. 

 The usage of such techniques now could be actually a very horrific practice. You must only preserve one version of a web page for both seek engine crawlers and customers and make sure that users can differentiate among website content material and ads. 

 #6 Too many adverts on the header

 Yes, that’s awful SEO when you consider that Google punishes web sites that have many adverts above the part of a web page that is seen without scrolling (above the fold). In case you unexpectedly saw a lower in visitors you then have to check if you had been affected by the page format set of rules. 

 #7 Paid links 

Building a successful website or blog takes time and needs a number of patience and difficult paintings to create the content and get the ones precious natural backlinks. 

If in preference to doing which you prefer to take shortcuts, you can see brief success at the beginning and soon enough massive failure. Buying links for any type it an awful practice and something that Google will discover (ultimately) and most in all likelihood you will end up losing your rankings and could need to try even harder to acquire something good on-line.

 Conclusively, what is more important for any website to succeed these days is to follow good SEO practices that are ethical, based on Google standards and up to date with the latest developments of ranking algorithms. Old methods of bringing out effective seo such as keyword stuffing, cloaking, massive link building and banner stuffing are no more in use and should definitely be avoided.


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