I’ve come to the realization that people desire their blog traffic even more than their blog reputation, because they believe like the known saying in blogosphere that “traffic is the soul of once blog”. I strongly support this belief because when I also started out as a new blogger back in 2011. 

I was so ignorant of all other rudiments in blogging. But traffic issue was actually what I look for almost every day. I believe new bloggers actually look out for the numbers of page views they have each day; like my younger ones. Therefore, there is no doubt that attracting traffic to your blog is one of the very few best things to check in blogging. 

However, I make people understand that your blog traffic and some other few things like comments received is what make you know if your blog is making a difference as a blogger. 

Today, I will like to share with you the secret of attracting traffic to one’s blog. Actually these are known secrets to most of us, so I don’t think I’ll want to call it secrets again. It’s just that you are too lazy to implement those so called secrets. Do you know the reason while I brought this article is because I implemented these methodologies and in the span of 3 weeks, my traffic changed from hundreds to thousands. 

And that’s why I’ve decided to call it “traffic breakthrough”, because it liberated my traffic instinct. Therefore sit tight and let’s dive into the ocean of motion, and let’s discuss about traffic break through. More so, the first principle of attracting traffic to discuss is: 


Should I just call this the act of laziness or probably time factor has really worked against so many bloggers in this aspect of blogging? To be frank, I believe I’ve read more than 100 piece of articles on attracting traffic to your blog through blog commenting, but yet people still find it difficult for one reason or the other. 

Blog commenting has been one of the sources of traffic for most pros in a long time, and it does not bring only traffic, but also builds good relationship among bloggers. I think I was going through tiroberts’s blog this week and she actually mention that if you want to build a success blog, then you need to comment like crazy.

 She actually narrated her own experience with a blog community. Do you know you can also get quality backlinks from blogs with high PR? Therefore, you need to take commenting seriously, it might just be the next or right solution you’ve been looking for.

I bet you, you can’t just take the power of social media away from blogging. A lot of bloggers has taking social media marketing as a source of traffic income for their blogs; I think I’m talking in respect of both Facebook and twitter now. 


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 Do you know the numbers of page likes and twitter followers also contribute to blog traffic when it comes to social medial marketing? I’m telling you that it does. Imagine you having a million Facebook likes and 20,000 twitter followers. 

This means automatically, whenever you post an article on your blog, you get a million people getting that article on their pages and on twitter, you have 20,000 people getting them, it now depend on how attractive and optimized your blog post is, which will captivate the attention of those people to read it. Increasing one blog’s visibility is actually not more than this, because with that huge amount of twitter followers, we have those that will retweet for you, if your blog post is optimized. 

Therefore, try has much as possible to get a Facebook fan page if you don’t have, and also to get a twitter account.


Honestly, I can’t just imagine how much traffic and blog exposure that I’ve gotten from blog communities. I believe in spreading out my passion which I think it’s also the right thing for new bloggers to start doing.


If you want to be a successful blogger, and you also want your blog to go viral, then you need to start using blog communities today. Little are required from you to be a member, I’m not talking about money here but the criteria, because it’s totally free to join. 

All you are asking to do is to sign up, fill your bio-datas to detail, and be active in the community. Are these things too much for you to drive tons of traffic to your blog? I’m sure these are things you can always figure out. Below are the lists of some wonderful blog communities which you can try out. I can always tell you that they are wonderful communities where you learn, gain and give back. 
Blog engage 
Visit them and expose your blog. 

Enough of inferiority complex, you need to blend in now. Some weeks ago, I wrote 5 researched reasons why some bloggers refused to guest post, and I think I pointed it out there that some bloggers were afraid of rejection which is actually true. I made mention of so many reason, I think you should check it out first. 

Guest posting has been one of the major ways where bloggers go liberation. Adetechblog is one of the beneficiaries of guest posting. Therefore, you need to set out and start guest posting today, and you’ll see the breakthrough coming on the way for your traffic.


The secret of successful men lies in their daily activity, like successful blogs too. Attracting traffic to one’s blog doesn’t require magic, but hard work and willingness never to give up. 

The issue is that you are lucky to find out this wonderful blog among millions of blog out there, what I do here is to give you the rudiments of success in blogging in a practical ways. Now the ball is in your court. Don’t just read this blog post without getting the will to act on these core principles I’ve just shared.

 I believe and trust that you’ll do something on how to attract traffic to your blog. Don’t forget to drop your comment, because we need your views concerning this post. Before you go, try as much as possible to share this wonderful post with your friends with the share buttons, follow us on twitter and like our Facebook page. Thanks
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