At times, we fell short of words to qualify a commendable effort of a great mind. And this was what brought up this post. 

 Tweet low is a great community of bloggers, Internet marketers and also writers where you are bound to get more twitter followers and automatically get your posts re-tweeted because of the juice attached to it.

more twitter followers

 Tweet low is owned by Efoghor Joseph Ezie of bizsuccessguide, a man of dignity and an unquestionable heart of dove. He’s first priority is to help young bloggers to achieve their aim, which is not new to some of us. That’s just him if I may say…. It’s in Born.

 Tweet low is the right place to promote your business and blogs whereby you also gain more friends. I know you’ve heard about justretweet and easy re-tweet, but I tell you that tweet low is incomparable.

 Tweet low is a rising star and it’s growing very fast. It’s a place where lots of influential bloggers now make as their tweeting abode. It can make your blog posts, tweets go viral. And you are also bound to get more twitter followers. 

  Why it’s different from other twitter communities?

Immediately you register an account on tweet low, and you will go and confirm/ activate your account through your mail. Thereafter you’ll automatically be given 700 free credits which you can get started with.

  How does it work? 

 This great community works in such a way that you earn credits by retweeting other’s people’s tweets, and you can as well use the earned credits to schedule your own tweets for others to tweet also.

Immediately you confirmed the free 700 credits then you can go to the submit tweets. Click it and you’ll see a page like the diagram below.

more twitter followers

 Type in your message and the link you’ll like to promote and be retweeted, then set the number of credits you will like anyone who retweet the post should get and then hit the publish button and you are good to go.

  How to get more twitter followers?

One good thing about this platform is that, you don’t only get retweets but also a good place to get more twitter followers. Just like the other platforms like justreweet, you offer members credits to follow you and they also implement the system you use to get more twitter followers.


 When you follow each member has seen in the picture above, you will add more credit to yours.

  What should I do when I run out of credit?

Good question! Probability you get a shortage of credit in the course of your running tweets on this platform. Therefore, you will get unlisted from the picture list and your tweets will fail.

 However, there are like four ways by which you can get enough credit back to your account.

 1. Buy credit from the platform store. Whenever you run out of credit to tweet your post, you can always get more credit buy buying, and buy so doing you get more opportunities buy getting featured on the featured list.

 2. You retweet other tweets to earn credits.

 3. Follow other members and get more credits.

4. Refer your friends to join by using your affiliate link to earn affiliate credits.

 These are the perfect four ways by which you can get more credits when you run out of credits.

  How to get started? 

 Just sign up to tweetlow with your active twitter account through and after that mail will be sent to your email for account activation. After activation, you’ll be given 700 free credits as a gift.

 All have been told and done, and I believed the steps for you to get more twitter followers were clean and clear enough from this post. If yes, run down to get an account with tweetlow and you’ll never regret doing so.
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