Google page rank… When is the next update? As each and every blogger continue in the pace of their blogging, I want you to be put this in mind that page rank is very important to your blog’s life span. I actually don’t want to scare you, but the question is; Are you ready for the next page rank update? This is the time when some blogs will be elevated and when some other blogs will be demoted in ranking. 

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If you think you have a page rank of 3 today… continue in that your good way, because Google’s judgment day for all blogs is very near, when the test of your ability, blogging righteousness, and smartness will be tested. Therefore, the big question that everybody have been asking is “when is Google page rank update”? You need to be informed that it is more near than what you think; therefore you need to be smarter than before. 

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 In this modules am about to start, I will reveal some behind the scenes of getting your blog’s page rank increase. 

What is page rank? 

 A very good question that all bloggers should know, but unfortunately some bloggers don’t have any idea on what a page rank is. I often tell people that it is not their fault; I mean for those who doesn’t know what page rank is… all because they started blogging in a wrong niche.

 This is one of the questions I answered almost every this week, and even some pro bloggers search Google to get the right answer. Now what is page rank? In a simple and explanatory way, Page Rank is a link analysis algorithm, named after Larry Page and used by the Google web search engine that assigns a numerical weighting to each element of a hyper linked set of documents, such as the World Wide Web, with the purpose of “measuring” its relative importance within the set. 

 I believe you are not confused with this definition? I’ve decide to list the expected date, when will Google update page rank.  These are expected date NOT confirmed. When is the next Google page rank update? This is the aspect everybody wants to read. This is the time when your work is exposed to the world, if you have been commenting on people’s blog to get backlink, publishing high quality contents and other behind the scenes of blogging for better page rank which I will be discussing in subsequent time. 

Basically, Google page rank is based on blog backlinks, and how much authority your blog have. High Google page rank often boost all areas of blog; be it marketing, making money, etc. and most especially our site reputation

Google page rank happens every 3-4 months in a year, which means the last one was suppose to be in July, but Google had their update last February. Below is the schedule of the next Google page rank for 2013. 

 1st Update : May be on January 28 to February 6(Confirmed)
  2nd Update : May be on September 29 to 4 October
  3rd Update : May be on 24 December to 29 December

 Note: these are the expected dates of the next page rank update, though not confirmed yet but expected. However, peradventure if the next page rank update is September ending, then are you fully prepared? Are your blogs ready to stand the test of time? Set up your mind. 

 Someone just asked me a very important question. 

 Should we rely on Google page rank? 

Though at first I found it very had to answer this question but later I thought I should bring this to allbloggingcoach readers, because I know you should have better answers to give. Though I’ve seen blogs with page rank of 2 getting more traffic than those with PR5. Is page rank all about traffic or what? 

I’ll really appreciate it if everyone reading this post should contribute via our comment box, and let see your own view about” should we rely much on page rank? And is page rank all about traffic generation?” thanks for your patience.

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  1. I think Google should KEEP PR, but they should only count back links from sites that get over 20,000 hits every month. That would really cut down on the unnatural spam links that are unnaturally obtained or paid for. Google should see this comment and take note. If they also combined time spent on sites for credible links that would also be great!
    A recent article worth sharing on PR updating is below.
    It states that PR may be determined by the time spent on an outgoing link? Is this true?


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