It is better for someone to crave for what you don’t know, in other to know more… than to remain ignorant. Good day YBC readers, am here again to give you some tips on phone browsing but before I start, I’ll like to console those MTN users and uses non blackberry phone, that MTN has now shifted their BIS settings away from other phones except blackberry.

 So bad to hear that anyway, but the fact still remain that boys are working underneath. Hmm! Let’s just wait a week and we’ll see what’s up. Back to my talk on Airtel, You guys need to get something straight about this Airtel unlimited plan. Few weeks ago, I wrote about the Airtel unlimited plan which was brought to us an unlimited and when we fell fall it, we all realized it’s just 2Gig.

 Though many people were mad at Airtel, but you needn’t to be mad because there are things you can access and do with this unlimited plan, which other plans can’t. Guess you gonna ask me what? Just relax, because am coming. There are some few things you need to know about this Airtel unlimited plan, which are actually called benefits because other plans don’t have they. And the few benefits are:

 1. You will be able to register up to 10 email addresses, guess that’s interesting? Hardly will you see such an offer in all other plans even some bb complete subscription don’t give the slots.

 2. You have access to blackberry protect. Guess that sounds cold because you all think even without unlimited, you’ve been able to access that? It’s entirely different from what you knew. When we talk about an access to a thing, it means a full access. Totally.

3. Access to more speed limit than usual; especially in areas with 3G, guess that’s why I’m really enjoying the plan in Lagos right now.

4. Good news to those who couldn’t afford blackberry, or those that have hatred for it like people used to say. The Airtel unlimited plan works perfectly on java phones, so you see what am saying?

5. And the last but not the least which I believe everyone would like to hear is that… it gives extra one month when you subscribe for it. Just ask me how. When you subscribe for the Airtel unlimited plan, it automatically gives you the next month free. Hmm! Cozy I guess. You now see why Airtel unlimited plan better than other plans? Now there is a secret you don’t know and probably you can never know, if I don’t tell you. And what is the secret? It’s something spectacular anyway. I was able to confirm that you can also get 4Gig on the same plan, with the same amount of money which is #1500.

1. Get to load #1500 Airtel air time on your phone
2. Dial *440*161# for 4G
 3. Thereafter you’ll receive a message that your Airtel unlimited is active, remove your battery and replace it back. So sure that it won’t browse immediately on the system, so top the MB by doing daily data plan with #100, by dialing *440*712*11#
 4. Connect and you are now good to go.
  NOTE: For Airtel unlimited of 2G, dial *440*16# 
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